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Product Format: 2CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: Normally £16.99 Currently £12.49 (exc) £14.99 (inc)


Magnificent Swedish Progressive Rock quintet’s late 2020 lockdown album and it’s bang up to their usual high standards of epic, quality pure Prog!

The follow-up to last year's ‘Waiting For Miracles’ album features striking new artwork from legendary Prog album cover artist Roger Dean. It also features a guest appearance from Steve Hackett Band multi-instrumentalist Rob Townsend.
This 2CD Set comes in a 6-Panel Digi-Pak with a 24-Page Lyric Booklet included.

“All shows and festivals were cancelled and the future didn’t really ‘unfold’ itself like we had hoped," explains guitarist Roine Stolt. "To sit out the pandemic with no activities was not an option for us! We can’t be stopped by an evil virus! So, with members living in the USA, Italy, Austria and Sweden, the only way to realise this album, was to use the magic of the ‘net’, sending files around the globe and start building what now has become a mammoth-sized double album of 21 new songs.”

“The theme of the album is isolation - so the title Islands felt like a most relevant title - as much of it circulates around isolation, loss, and the fear of being disconnected. Having to face this unexpected pandemic will leave marks on each one of us for a very long time and to lose loved ones forces us to soldier on, learning and growing a stronger version of ourselves in this fragile cycle of life.”

"Musically; the aim has been to create a bigger grand epic piece out of 21 songs - so they are all connected with themes that weave in and out - like the way ‘Sgt Peppers’ or ‘The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway’ were built on shorter songs, but yet linked. So view it as one mega piece or as 21 separate tracks , it is all tailored to be listened to as one piece - like a cinematic 90 minute long ride.”

‘Islands’ is also available as a Triple Vinyl LP + 2CD Package – Stock # 2204916

‘Islands’ was released on 30th October 2020.


CD 1:
01. Racing With Blinders On (4:24)
02. From The Ground (4.02)
03. Black Swan (5:53)
04. Morning News (4:01)
05. Broken (6:38)
06. Goodbye Outrage (2:19)
07. Journeyman (1:43)
08. Tangerine (3:51)
09. Solaris (9:10)
10. Heart Of The Valley (4:18)
11. Man In A Two Peace Suit (3:21)
TPT – 49:47

CD 2:
01. All I Need Is Love (5:48)
02. A New Species (5:45)
03. Northern Lights (5:43)
04. Hidden Angles (0:50)
05. Serpentine (3:52)
06. Looking For Answers (4:30)
07. Telescope (4:41)
08. Fool’s Gold (3:11)
09. Between Hope & Fear (4:29)
10. Islands (4:12)
TPT – 43:07