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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

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This is a 2020 Remastered and Expanded Edition of the 1980 solo album originally issued on Atlantic Records by the YES founding member!

The album was recorded during Jon’s first hiatus from YES, with whom he had become an internationally known vocalist and songwriter and followed on from his 1976 solo album: ‘Olias Of Sunhillow’.
Working with keyboard player Ronnie Leahy, Anderson created an optimistic album of varying influences and he gathered together a fine ensemble of musicians to assist him, such as celebrated bass players Jack Bruce and John Giblin, guitarists Clem Clempson and Ian Bairnson, saxophonist Johnny Dankworth and percussionists Morris Pert and Simon Phillips.

‘Song Of Seven’ was a UK top forty hit upon its release by Atlantic Records in November 1980 and it spawned a solo tour which established Jon Anderson as a regarded artist in his own right.

This edition of ‘Song Of Seven’ has been Remastered in 2020 from the Original Atlantic Records Master Tapes and is expanded to include two 2 Rare US Single Edits that are Previously Unreleased on CD.
This re-issue also restores the Original Album Artwork in Digi-Pak form that comes with a 24-Page Booklet that contains a New Essay and Exclusive Interview with Jon Anderson.

‘Song Of Seven’ was released on 27th November 2020.

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01. For You, For Me (4:24)
02. Some Are Born (4:07)
03. Don’t Forget {Nostaligia} (3:01)
04. Heart Of The Matter (4:23)
05. Hear It (1:52)
06. Everybody Loves You (4:05)
07. Take Your Time (3:10)
08. Days (3:30)
09. Song Of Seven (11:25)
10. Some Are Born [USA single promo edit] * Bonus Track * (3:48)
11. Heart Of The Matter [short version] * Bonus Track * (3:32)

TPT – 47:19