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Product Format: CDDV               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £10.83 (exc) £12.99 (inc)


Packaged in a 6-Panel GF Card Cover, it’s another classy work from the multi- talented Peter Jones, and with a beautifully delivered change of direction!

This is the 6th TIGER MOTH TALES studio release from Peter Jones and this time, instead of the complex song structures, Prog instrumentation and soundscapes you normally expect from a TMT album, this one features Peter taking to the grand piano to accompany his vocals alongside backing arrangements from a string quintet!

Peter’s remarkable talent just oozes throughout each and every one of these eight very personal compositions drawn from the life experiences of the man behind the current CAMEL keyboards set up. His poetic and descriptive lyrics draw you into each of the pieces and the string arrangements add that certain sense of melancholy that provides a perfect finish to his lyrical observations.
You cannot fail to be moved at the quality of all of this, and although these songs are not what you would call “Prog” as such, two or three do have an underlying “Prog” feel to them.

The Bonus DVD contains interviews with Peter Jones, ‘The Quiet Room Session’ and 2 Promo Videos.
‘The Quiet Room Session’ contains almost forty minutes of Peter performing a range of his songs solo in the studio with just the grand piano for accompaniment. These are preceded by a three-minute introduction interview where Peter talks of how his career as TIGER MOTH TALES started.
After the ‘Sessions’ recordings there is a second interview where Peter describes what inspired him to write several of the new tracks on ‘The Whisperings Of The World’ album plus 2 Promo Videos.

Produced by Robert Reed (MAGENTA) and Andrew Lawson, ‘The Whisperings Of The World’ also features: David Adams (violin), Lowrie Porter (violin), Nancy Johnson (viola), Sandy Bartai (cello) and Sarah Berger (cello).

‘The Whisperings Of The World’ comes in a 6-Panel, Double Gatefold Card Sleeve with a 12-Page Lyric Booklet.

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‘The Whispering Of The World’ was released on 17th November 2020.


Disc 1 [CD]:
01. Taking The Dawn (5:23)
02. The Whispering Of The World (5:50)
03. Sweeter Than Wine (3:33)
04. Quiet Night (8:59)
05. A Town By The Sea (4:50)
06. Blackbird (3:40)
07. Waving, Drowning (5:59)
08. Lost To The Years (8:44)

TPT – 47:00

Disc 2 [DVD]:
01. The Quiet Room Session [] (37:45)
i. Introduction
ii. Feels Alright
iii. Match Girl
iv. Ballad Of Longshanks John
v. Hygge
vi. Blackbird
vii. Taking The Dawn
viii. A Visit To Chigwick
02. Interview [track descriptions] (11:15)
03. Blackbird [video promo] (3.40)
04. The Whispering Of The World [video promo] (5:50)

TPT – 58:30