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Product Format: CDBK               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £35.83 (exc) £42.99 (inc)


The Very Limited Deluxe Book Edition of Vangelis' 2021 album-length love song to human ingenuity and the wonder of our Solar System!

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The long delayed new 2021 release by Vangelis' is here - An album-length love song to human ingenuity and the wonder of our Solar System, and it comes in 3 formats!

Comprising new and original music composed for NASA's Juno Mission to Jupiter, this album very much continues where 2016's ‘Rosetta’ left off. After all the delays, it is a major relief to actually have this long sought after release finally in our hands!

After just one listen I can tell you that this is the great man at his very best, with the generous one hour and near thirteen minute playing time offering 18 seamlessly linked tracks offering more than enough in the way of dramatic energy, wondrous grandiose melody and ethereal cosmic atmospheres to please the more than eager Vangelis fan-base who have been waiting so patiently for this elusive album to finally materialise.

This Limited Deluxe CD Box Edition comes in a Solid CD Sized Split Laminated Box with the CD in a Mini-Vinyl style Gatefold Card Sleeve with a separate 150-Page+ Full-Colour Book containing a whole gamut of Vangelis personal and in the studio photographs, NASA Images and more.
PLEASE NOTE: The/This Limited Book Edition is currently priced here is an Import coming in from Europe, because there is no UK trade release, but there is in Europe, and that is where our copies are being sourced from.

Alternatively the Standard CD Edition comes on a Mini-Vinyl style Gatefold Card Sleeve with a separate 16-Page Full-Colour Booklet included.

‘Juno To Jupiter’ is also available as a Gate-Fold Card Sleeved CD – Stock # 2204977
‘Juno To Jupiter’ is also available as a Double 180gm Vinyl LP with Bonus Track – Stock # 2204978

‘Juno To Jupiter’ was released in Deluxe CD+BK Box on 24th September 2021 - Shipping Started 12th October.


01. Atlas’ Push [feat spoken word samples - courtesy of NASA] (3:40)
02. Inside Our Perspectives (3:33)
03. Out In Space (4:14)
04. Juno's Quiet Determination (5:18)
05. Jupiter's Intuition (3:58)
06. Juno's Power (4:09)
07. Space's Mystery Road (4:17)
08. In The Magic Of Cosmos (2:08)
09. Juno's Tender Call [feat. Angela Gheorghiu - soprano, as Juno] (3:42)
10. Juno's Echoes (3:38)
11. Juno's Ethereal Breeze (1:32)
12. Jupiter’s Veil Of Clouds (5:17)
13. Hera/Juno Queen Of The Gods [feat. Angela Gheorghiu - soprano, as Juno] (4:22)
14. Zeus Almighty (11:00)
15. Jupiter Rex (1:36)
16. Juno's Accomplishments [feat. Angela Gheorghiu - soprano, as Juno] (4:23)
17. Apo 22 (1:54)
18. In Serenitatem (4:15)

TPT – 72:58