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Steve’s first acoustic solo album since 2008’s ‘Tribute’ takes its inspiration from his extensive travels around the Mediterranean with his wife Jo!

This CD edition comes in a beautifully presented 6-Panel Digi-Pak with accompanying 28-Page Booklet.

Working closely with long-time musical partner and keyboardist Roger King, Hackett has used his time during 2020’s lockdown to take us on an extraordinary musical journey around the Mediterranean, painting vivid images of stunning landscapes and celebrating the diverse cultures of the region.
Famed for his rock roots with GENESIS, and through his extensive solo catalogue, Hackett demonstrates the exquisite beauty of the nylon guitar at times venturing into the exotic ethnic and often supported by dazzling orchestral arrangements via Roger King’s keyboards.

There are also guest spots from brother John Hackett (flute on track 7), Rob Townsend (soprano sax, & flute – Tracks 7 & 8), Christine Townsend (violin & viola – tracks 5 & 10), Frank Avril (oboe – track 10) and more.

“A lot of acoustic ideas had been forming over the years, and it felt like the perfect time to create this album,” notes Hackett, “a time to contemplate the places we’ve visited around the Mediterranean with the kind of music which evolved from the world of imagination. Because we can’t really travel, substantially at the moment, I hope that the album will take people on that journey. Whether you sit down and listen to it or drift off to it with a glass of wine…”

‘Under A Mediterranean Sky’ is also available as a HQ Double Vinyl LP – Stock # 2205043

‘Under A Mediterranean Sky’ was released on 21st January 2021.


01. Mdina – The Walled City [Steve Hackett & Roger King] (8:45)
02. Adriatic Blue [Steve Hackett] (4:51)
03. Sirocco [Steve Hackett & Jo Hackett & Roger King] (5:14)
04. Joie De Vivre [Steve Hackett & Jo Hackett] (3:41)
05. The Memory Of Myth [Steve Hackett & Jo Hackett & Roger King] (3:29)
06. Scarlatti Sonata [Domenico Scarlatti] (3:40)
07. Casa Del Fauno [Steve Hackett & Roger King] (3:52)
08. The Dervish And The Djin [Steve Hackett & Jo Hackett & Roger King] (4:58)
09. Lorato [Steve Hackett] (2:30)
10. Andalusian Heart [Steve Hackett & Jo Hackett & Roger King] (5:34)
11. The Call Of The Sea [Steve Hackett] (4:45)

TPT – 51:21