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Brit-Symphonic Prog legends SOLSTICE are back with this 2020 new album in a 6-Panel Gatefold Card Sleeve and with an 8-Page lyric Booklet!

The SOLSTICE line-up: Andy Glass (guitars / vocals), Jess Holland (vocals), Steven McDaniel (keyboards), Jenny Neioman (fiddle), Robin Phillips (bass) and Peter Hemsley (drums).

GEP’s Mike Holmes: "I was so pleased when Andy agreed to work with us — it feels right to be working with them again nearly 40 years down the line. One of IQ’s first support slots at the old Marquee in Wardour Street was with SOLSTICE and they were always such a friendly and supportive bunch, I'm really glad we can help get the new music out there with them. I've been listening to the work-in-progress songs from the new album and I really think it's some of the best stuff they've ever written, and new vocalist Jess is just perfect for them."

SOLSTICE main man Andy Glass: "We are so excited to be joining the GEP family of artists. It feels like finally re-joining close friends whose long journeys began in the same place but led down different tracks. Apart from being the natural home for SOLSTICE, GEP have an incredible team committed to bringing great music to the world's finest audience and we can't wait to work with them on the new album! So, a huge thank you to Mike Holmes and all at GEP for having faith and signing SOLSTICE. We're literally buzzing about this music, recorded with our amazing new vocalist Jess Holland, and truly believe fans of Prog and beyond will agree it's our best work to date!"

‘Singularity’ comes in a 6-Panel Gatefold Card Sleeve and with an 8-Page lyric Booklet.

‘Rain-Singularity’ was released on 27th November 2020.

‘Sia’ was released on 27th November 2020.


01. Shout (12:44)
02. Love Is Coming (6:28)
03. Long Gone (4:09)
04. Stand Up (6:13)
05. Seven Dreams (7:45)
06. A New Day (6:52)
07. Cheyenne 2020 (6:46)

TPT – 50:59