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Ron Boots & Michel van Osenbruggen’s 2nd album together is just like the first from 2010 (Refuge En Verre), featuring music recorded during a family holiday!

With nothing was prepared in advance, ‘Borkhavn’ is the result of one week’s worth of improvised evening sessions recorded in the temporary studio built in a corner of their holiday house.

The music was actually recorded in 2012, but due to personal circumstances they didn’t get around to finishing the album. Both still had the desire to release it because the music created there was special, so in 2020 Ron & Michel listened to the music once more and selected the pieces they wanted to release. After working individually on the tracks in our own studios and then together again in Ron’s studio to finalize the end mix and mastering.

‘Borkhavn’ is again a symbol of a friendship that started in 2006 when Ron & Michel first met during a Synthesizer meeting organized by the Dutch ‘Synth Forum’ where they started talking about synthesizers and found that they shared the same fascinations. As a result, in 2007 Michel signed up with Groove Unlimited as Synth.NL, and he and Ron became good friends.

The album is called ‘BorkHavn‘ simply because that is where the music was recorded. The tracks were inspired by events experienced during each day. “Sometimes it was the beautiful nature we enjoyed sometimes just the feeling of the moment.” Ron Boots.

‘Borkhavn’ was released on 20th November 2020.

Also available by RON BOOTS & SYNTH.NL …
REFUGE EN VERRE (2010 Album) CD – Stock # 1369154


01. BorkHavn
02. Morgenfrisk
03. Nordsøen
04. Stjernekiggeri
05. Torden
06. Gåpåmod
07. Hjortebøf
08. Vindmøller
09. Venskab