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A true fusion of musical styles designed to expand artistic possibilities and open new horizons by two giants from the worlds of Prog, Rock & Fusion!

Latest instrumental album featuring Antoine Fafard, a Canadian-born and now UK-based guitarist / composer who is probably best known to CDS Customers for his contributions to albums by the Canadian YES-influenced Progressive rock band MYSTERY. Gavin Harrison is best known as being a member of PORCUPINE TREE!

‘Chemical Reactions’ is a great quality instrumental project presented by Gavin Harrison and Antoine Fafard.
The original music on this album features a hybrid between the Progressive-Fusion approach and the world of Chamber and Orchestral Music. Fafard’s compositions highlight Harrison’s innovative drumming through this intense and unique journey of epic proportions.

The album kicks in with: ‘Transmutation Circle’, a piece where drums and electric bass interact with a string quartet, while Harrison provides occasional marimba parts to the music. The format on this first piece is the blueprint for almost half of the album. ‘Singular Quartz’ follows later, showcasing a different orchestration where drums and bass play alongside violin, cello, marimba and vibraphone. On this track, Jerry Goodman - who has been a frequent collaborator on Fafard’s albums - performs the acoustic and electric violin parts.

The album concludes with: ‘Holding Back The Clock’ and ‘Chemical Reactions’, two pieces where Harrison and Fafard perform with the Janácek Philharmonic Orchestra.
Based in Ostrava in the Czech Republic, the symphonic ensemble was recorded in March 2016 and conducted by Anthony Armore.

Gavin Harrison’s work with PORCUPINE TREE, KING CRIMSON and The PINEAPPLE THIEF is well known to Progressive fans around the world. His discography includes some unique projects, including three albums made in collaboration with 05Ric, and his solo album: ‘Cheating The Polygraph’, which features the music of PORCUPINE TREE arranged for contemporary brass. Harrison has also authored several instructional drum books and DVDs, and received multiple awards from various publications.

Antoine Fafard has been releasing his music for 20 years, having collaborated with some of the world’s most respected and influential players, including Vinnie Colaiuta, Gary Husband, Simon Phillips, Todd
Sucherman and Dave Weckl. Fafard’s music has rightly been praised by his peers for its intricacy and originality!

‘Chemical Reactions’ comes in a 4-Panel-Digi-Pak with accompanying 20-Page Booklet.

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‘Chemical Reactions’ was released on 7th December 2020.


01. Transmutation Circle (5:06)
02. Atonic Water (4:51)
03. Vision Of A Lost Orbit (4:53)
04. Pair Of A Perfect Four (5:23)
05. Proto Mundi (10:43)
06. Singular Quartz (4:55)
07. Holding Back The Clock (5:54)
08. Chemical Reactions (8:31)

TPT - 50:16