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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

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2021 melodic and grandiose album by Progressive Rock supergroup fronted by Billy Sherwood and containing members affiliated to YES!

Packaged in a Jewelcase with a 16-Page Booklet, the concept behind ARC OF LIFE is, in keeping with the Progressive Rock philosophy, to craft creative, challenging, and ear-pleasing music that pushes boundaries.

Billy Sherwood describes the music as: “interesting, with well-crafted songs, performed with precision and grace. All songs feature memorable melodies and lyrics that take the listener on a sonic adventure. Dynamic arrangements with peaks and valleys… it’s all there.”

The other idea behind the band is that YES would be a clear point of influence, however while YES is clearly the main point of comparison, a lot of musical similarities can be drawn to describe ARC OF LIFE’s grandiose and epic approach to music.

In vocalist Jon Davison’s words, “each YES member understands and supports when others may desire to explore and thrive along new artistic avenues. We then each find further inspiration to bring back to the YES fold.”

But all the descriptions are best left to the listeners to discern for themselves, as repeat listens will reveal more layers.

ARC OF LIFE is a true garden of delight for Progressive Rock fans and the band is looking forward to performing ‘live’. “Once the world gets over the COVID hump, ARC OF LIFE will be planning as much touring as we can fit in between YES and our other projects. Quite honestly, we’re all chomping at the bit to be out performing again!” concludes Jon Davison.

ARC OF LIFE line-up: Billy Sherwood (bass / vocals), Jon Davison (vocals), Dave Kerzner (keyboards), Jimmy Haun (guitars) and Jay Schellen (drums).

‘Arc Of Life’ was released on 12th February 2021.


Track List:
01. Life Has A Way (5:14)
02. Talking With Siri (4:24)
03. You Make It Real (4:33)
04. Until Further Notice (3:42)
05. The Magic Of It All (4:03)
06. Just In Sight (6:16)
07. I Want To Know You Better (4:03)
08. Locked Down (9:46)
09. Therefore We Are (9:29)
10. End Game (5:52)

TPT – 57:24