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Product Format: 2C2D               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: Normally £25.99 Currently £18.33 (exc) £21.99 (inc)


Wonderful Double 2CD+2DVD package containing the Concert Film and Album documenting the May 2016 tribute show honouring the late Keith Emerson!

‘Fanfare For The Uncommon Man’ is available as a 4 Disc Set featuring Two DVDs and Two CDs capturing the entire two-and-a-half-hour event. PLUS a disc of Bonus Interviews and more!

The show was held at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, and offered a career-spanning celebration of Keith’s work, including music from ELP, THE NICE, THREE FATES PROJECT and the KEITH EMERSON BAND.

The Concert DVD also features some extra orchestral music composed by Keith Emerson used for the tracks: ‘After All Of This’, which is a photo montage featuring music from the ‘Three Fates Project’ performed by the Munchner Rundfunkorchester and conducted by Terje Mikkelsen, plus the ‘End Credits’, which features ‘Beyond The Stars’ & ‘The Dreamer’ performed by the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields and also conducted by Terje Mikkelsen, with Ethan Emerson featuring on piano for the later.

The near hour-long Bonus DVD features Artist Interviews, Behind-the-Scenes Footage, Tribute Speeches and a Gallery of Rare Photos provided by the Emerson estate.

The DVDs are NTSC – All Region

Performers on the night included Steve Lukather, Brian Auger, Eddie Jobson, Jordan Rudess, Steve Porcaro, Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, Vinnie Colaiuta, Marc Bonilla, Gregg Bissonnette, CJ Vanston, Troy Luccketta, Rachel Flowers, Terje Mikkelsen, Philippe Saisse, Joe Travers, Travis Davis, Ed Roth, Jonathan Sindelman, Mike Wallace, Mick Mahan, Karma Auger, Rick Livingstone, Kae Matsumoto, Aaron Emerson, Dan Lutz and Michael Fitzpatrick.

‘Fanfare For The Uncommon Man’ was released on 19th March 2021.


Disc 1 [CD 1]:
01. Prelude To A Hope (3:03)
02. Karn Evil 9 {1st Impression - Pt.2} (5:29)
03. The Barbarian (4:35)
04. Hoedown (6:46)
05. Touch And Go (3:50)
06. A Place To Hide (4:37)
07. Tribute To Keith (4:07)
08. The Endless Enigma (10:55)
09. Take A Pebble (7:13)
10. Tank (7:55)
11. Fanfare For The Common Blue Turkey (6:45)
TPT – 67:15

Disc 2 [CD 2]:
01. Ride (3:35)
02. From The Beginning (6:06)
03. Bitches Crystal (4:41)
04. Nutrocker (5:26)
05. Tarkus (21:21)
06. Lucky Man (7:51)
07. Great Gates Of Kiev (2:23)
08. Fanfare For The Common Man – Pt.1 (1:51)
09. Fanfare For The Common Man – Pt.2 (5:46)
10. Are You Ready Eddy? (3:28)
TPT – 62:30

Disc 3 [DVD 1]:
01. After All Of This [photo montage]
02. Prelude To A Hope
03. Karn Evil 9 {1st Impression - Pt.2}
04. The Barbarian
05. Hoedown
06. Touch And Go
07. A Place To Hide
08. Tribute To Keith
09. The Endless Enigma
10. Take A Pebble
11. Tank
12. Fanfare For The Common Blue Turkey
13. Ride
14. From The Beginning
15. Bitches Crystal
16. Nutrocker
17. Tarkus
18. Lucky Man
19. Great Gates Of Kiev
20. Fanfare For The Common Man
21. Are You Ready Eddy?
22. End Credits [Beyond The Stars / The Dreamer]
TPT – 2:23:00

Disc 4 [DVD 2 - Bonus Features]:
01. Artist Interviews (19:35)
02. Tribute Speeches (8:30)
03. Trailer (2:00)
04. Photo Gallery [Archives / Family / Rehearsal / Show] (28:00)
TPT - 58:00