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Product Format: 2CD               

Price: £15.83 (exc) £18.99 (inc)


2CD Digi-Pak Edition on import from the massively successful German mainstream Electronic Music superstar that is Christopher Von Deylen!

Multi-award winning electronica artist Christopher Von Deylen (aka SCHILLER), a former pupil of Thorsten Quaeschning, has now sold many millions of albums worldwide and collaborates with other international musicians on most of his releases.

The 2 x CDs in ‘Summer In Berlin’ include 14 New Studio Tracks containing brilliant instrumentals: ‘Metroplolis’, ‘Der Klang Der Stadt I & II’, ‘Liebe Aus Beton’, ‘Dem Hillmmel So Nah’ and ‘Der Golden Engel’.
There’s also new songs such as: ‘Miracle’, feat. UK vocalist Tricia McTeague (a singer who has worked with Christopher before), ‘Better Now’ feat. vocalist Janet Devlin and ‘Summer In Berlin’ from ‘Schiller x Alphaville.

More about SCHILLER…
Christopher Von Deylen is a Synth musician that has taken all his influences from the 70’s EM pioneers and moulded them into his own sound that seems to have mass appeal to fans across the entire popular music spectrum. From Electronica through to Dance, SCHILLER music is addictively melodic and infectious and often highly rhythmically charged. His albums tend to feature a mix of extended and standard length instrumentals with songs where he employs the talents of guest international vocalists. The styles run from Chilled Melodic Soundscapes to upbeat rhythmic workouts.
Being Synthesizer music buffs - and the fact that Klaus Schulze has been such a major influence on this artist - we at CDS Towers have been singing the praises of SCHILLER for some time, but despite his huge sales in Europe he has never quite taken off to a mass audience to the same degree in the UK and the US, although in 1998 the project's first release: ‘Das Glockenspiel’ turned out to be an instant international hit that has been one of the very few German productions entering the UK-charts top-three, and has since been remixed by legendary DJ Tiesto.

As normal with SCHILLER releases, there are several formats to choose from, and ‘Summer In Berlin’ is no different. The label have been keeping the complete track lists close to their chest, but our investigations have enabled us to confirm the 2CD track list now, and from that we have been able to sketched out what we think the Double Vinyl LP will look like.
We are now pretty certain that the ‘Behind Closed Doors – Part II’ concert performance that Christopher and Thorsten did together will be exclusive to just the Deluxe 4-Disc Set Only!
HOWEVER, if you want this 4-Disc version, PLEASE ORDER IT NOW, because our Pre-Orders are already VERY HIGH, and we expect this will be our one any only shipment of that edition!
Going on the track records of past SCHILLER Limited Editions, this one will go FAST for sure, AND, adding the fact that TANGERINE DREAM’s Thorsten Quaeschning is on this one, we think it’s a bit of a no-brainer that it won’t be around for long!

‘Summer In Berlin’ is released 12th February 2021.

‘Summer In Berlin’ is also available as a Ltd Deluxe 2CD+2 BluRay Package – Stock # 2205136
‘Summer In Berlin’ is also available as a HQ Double Vinyl LP – Stock # 2205138

‘Summer In Berlin’ is released on 12th February 2021.


CD 1 [Studio Album]
01. Willkommen
02. Der Klang Der Stadt – Parts I & II
03. Summer In Berlin [Schiller x Alphaville]
04. Der Goldene Engel
05. Miracle [feat.Tricia McTeague]
06. Liebe Aus Beton
07. Wenn Die Nacht Erwacht
08. Better Now [feat. Janet Devlin]
09. Metropolis
10. Menschen Im Hotel
11. Guardian Angel
12. Fantastique I
13. Fantastique II
14. Dem Himmel So Nah [binaural version]

CD 2 [Live In Berlin]:
01. Berlin Moskau
02. Das Glockenspiel
03. Ultramarin
04. Avalanche
05. Es Werde Licht
06. Ein Schöner Tag
07. Schiller
08. Ruhe
09. Velvet Aeroplane
10. Universe
11. Das Goldene Tor
12. Berlin Tehran
13. Harmonia
14. Good Bye