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20 years after the release of his first album: ‘Electrixx', MAXXESS is making himself heard again in 2021 with more exciting guitar & synth instrumentals!

Max Schiefele (aka MAXXESS) is proud to present his 7th instrumental solo work: 'Reactivate', an album that ties in seamlessly with its predecessor works and again forges a strong bridge between Electronic Music and Progressive Rock!
As with the last album: ‘Green Fairy’ (2014) there are big hooks flying aplenty as MAXXESS blazes his way through the 8 brand new tracks on ‘Reactivate’ – an album filled with warm, melodic sound collages, powerful rhythmic structures and monstrous guitar walls alternate and bring this atmospheric, dense music to the point.

Along with the albums MAXXESS has made with fellow German Synth player AXESS, this guy’s back-catalogue has been a consistent seller at CDS over the past decade.

More about MAXXESS…
For those who don’t know, MAXXESS is a German one-man multi-instrumental halfway house between Synth Instrumental music and Guitar/Keyboard driven instrumental Prog-Rock, and he is brilliant at it!
As a result you get what is in effect a full band sound that is, driving, dynamic, powerful and always melodic - a bit like instrumental passages from MARILLION meeting the best of modern day TANGERINE DREAM.
This guy looks like a rocker and his music is probably closer to ‘Rock’ than ‘Electronic’ but it is a definite merging of the two genres in which he features the electric guitar as the main driving force within most of his compositions.

‘Reactivate’ is released on 1st February 2021.

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01. Black Sheep (4:43)
02. Reactivate (6:48)
03. Illusion (7:31)
04. Lazy (7:10)
05. Protection (6:19)
06. Sandstorm (5:58)
07. Rainy Sunday (7:39)
08. Magnetic Repulsion (15:36)

TPT - 62:02