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Price: £9.16 (exc) £10.99 (inc)


If you’re a FOCUS fan, especially the 1971’s ‘Moving Waves’ album, this will be love at first listen for you… and it features some big name guest Prog players!

* PLEASE NOTE: The 1st TEXEL ‘Zooming Into Focus’ CD can be ordered at a special price of just £ 6.99 when purchased with the ‘Metropolitan’ album … Please use Stock ID: 2205207 only to order both albums together *

TEXEL are an unsigned Anglo / Danish band that play nearly all-instrumental melodic music based on the Dutch band FOCUS!
Composer and keyboardist Steffen Staugaard quite authentically captures the idiosyncratic way Thijs van Leer was writing his classically inspired tracks of the time, pleasantly emulating his typical melodic twists and Hammond organ chord progressions. Guitarist Neil Gowland perfectly recreates the exciting weeping guitar sound of Jan Akkerman – a sound that became formative for Dutch symphonic rock since the 70's until today.
Phil Wood (bass), Max Saidi (drums) and Thorstein Quebec Hemmet (flute) complete the core line-up of TEXEL.

Released 15th February 2021, ‘Metrolitan’ features the same core group of musicians as from the 2018 debut album: ‘Zooming Into Focus’, but this one also features Gary Thistlethwaite (bass), Kazumi Suzuki (flute) and Barbara Bolívár (flute). The album also features special guest appearances from multi-instrumentalist Peter Jones (TIGERMOTH TALES / CAMEL), drummer Marco Minnemann (Joe Satriani / Steven Wilson / ARISTCRATS) and ace guitarist Niels van der Steenhoven (FOCUS / Tito Jackson).

‘Metropolitan’ is composed of 11 brand new – FOCUS inspired - predominantly instrumental tracks written by TEXEL’s creative force, keyboardist Steffen Staugaard, with a couple of exceptions being: 'Sweynsson’s Slumber' which was written by guitarist Neil Gowland and ‘Voluspa’ which was co-written by the duo, and forms their first venture into a piece with lyrics.
Marco Minnemann and Kazumi Suzuki feature on the CD Only Bonus Track: ‘Nocturne Epiphanie’.

Also available by TEXEL …
ZOOMING INTO FOCUS (2018 1st FOCUS Inspired Album) CCCD – Stock # 2174087


01. Ludo Mentis (5:29)
02. Metropolitan (5:54)
03. Syncopia (6:26)
04. Sweynsson’s Slumber (4:16)
05. Voluspa (6:24)
06. Polka Magyar Akta Músicâ (5:22)
07. Metamorphoses (6:32)
08. Tuileries (5:05)
09. Flute In Rhapsody (5:41)
10. Texel (4:50)
11. Nocturne Epiphanie (7:20) * CD Only Bonus Track *

TPT - 63:19