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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

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Renowned touch guitarist collaborates once more with DiN label founder / UK synthesizer legend for 6 new interlinked pieces spread over forty minutes!

Markus Reuter has been one of the stalwarts of the DiN label, having been there right at the beginning in 1999 with his initial collaboration (‘Distant Rituals’ DiN2) with Ian Boddy. Since then he has been involved with several other collaborations with Boddy, as well as others with artists such as ZERO OHMS & Bernhard Wöstheinrich.

Looking to do another collaboration with Boddy, Markus composed several long soundscape improvisations over the summer of 2020. The duo realised that with the pandemic they would not be able to physically work together in the same studio this time, as they had with all their previous work.
Boddy then took these ambient starting points and using his vintage Roland System 100M modular synthesiser started to arrange, cut up and shape these into a coherent album.
As well as a CD release this time both artists wanted this music to be presented on Vinyl LP, so the work was conceived as two long 20-minute suites that would take up one side of a record each.

Each suite is comprised of three distinct sections that seamlessly segue into each other. The music feels like a sonic journey, opening with the grandeur of: ‘Citadel’, before heading off with the rhythmic slice of electronica that is the second track: ‘Parallels’. Interlocking sequence lines and modular rhythmic treatments of Reuter’s soundscapes propel this piece along overlaid with beautiful guitar parts soaring overhead. The first suite closes with the title track: ‘Outland’ with a gentle, yet slightly unsettling atmosphere.

The second side opens with: ‘Brood', a huge claustrophobic track, before taking a gentle breath before the journey recommences with the beautiful rhythmic piece 'Trails' that once again features Reuter’ trade ark liquid guitar solos. Finally all comes to rest with the end of the album and: ‘Home’, a beautiful pastoral combination of Reuter’s exquisite guitar playing and Boddy's emotive synth solo using his analogue Ondes Martenot style keyboard.

Composed to make the most of the vinyl format the fascinating musical collaboration between Boddy & Reuter continues to produce music of the highest quality.

‘Outland’ is released 16th April 2021 and limited to 500 copies on this CD Digi-Pak and 250 on the HQ Vinyl LP edition (Stock # 2205228).


01. Citadel (6:24)
02. Parallels (7:33)
03. Outland (6:28)
04. Brood (6:17)
05. Trails (8:33)
06. Home (5:20)

TPT - 40:38