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Stunning 2021 release from permanent TANGERINE DREAM member Ulrich Schnauss and Ambient guitar wizard Jonas Munk in a Gatefold Card Sleeve!

Four years have passed since 2017's release of the electronic masterwork: ‘Passage’ by Schnauss and Munk. That album set the stage for what has been a stream of consistently brilliant sparsely constructed albums Ambient Electronic music releases from Jonas Munk's Azure Vista label.

London-based producer and TANGERINE DREAM member Ulrich Schnauss and Danish guitarist/producer Jonas Munk have both unfolded their unique visions of electronic music over the past two decades, and they have been collaborating since the mid-2000s. ‘Eight Fragments Of An Illusion' is their first album in over four years, their third overall. The latest effort is ambient and introspective in nature, but with a kinetic, polyrhythmic energy pushing it forward. There's a floating quality to Ulrich's synthesizer washes and Munk's guitar patterns, yet the eight tracks are anchored by pulse and compositional direction. The duo brings their individual strengths to the table, yet the music transcends any of their previous work conceptually. There are echoes of blissed-out New Age music and Kosmische from the 1970’s and 1980’s, as well as traces of shoegaze-era abstraction and leftfield electronica. Ultimately, there's no off-the-rack category that fits it … It exists in its own rarefied space.

Pieced together from sessions spanning the course of three years, mostly in Ulrich's London studio – a workspace packed with rare synthesizers and vintage outboard gear – 'Eight Fragments Of An Illusion' is a luxurious listen. Compared to the duos previous two releases there's more of a focus on texture and slowly evolving patterns, which naturally reflects the fact that Ulrich has spent a large portion of the last seven years as a full-time member of legendary synth group TANGERINE DREAM. Sonically, the tracks have a certain silky and shimmering characteristic, with Ulrich's mallet-like arpeggios and glittering analog synthesizer pads merging with Munk's melodic guitar lines as the most natural thing in the world. Throughout, the guitar is used both in a rather traditional manner, but often also as a vehicle for sonic exploration, processed into cloudy layers using outboard effects and software. This might be their most minimalist outing to date, but it still radiates that uplifting widescreen magic that both artists are known for. 'Eight Fragments Of An Illusion' is their most focused collaborative musical statement to date, and arguably the most rewarding.

As just a small portion of the 2021 ‘Eight Fragments Of An Illusion’ album, 'Asteroid 2467' is the first single to be released from the album, and as the new record’s opener, it sets the tone for everything that is to follow as the pair launch into a sorely needed uplifting and beautiful piece of music. Schnauss’ ethereal, cascading synths meet Munk's gentle, multi-playered, chiming guitar textures, bringing rays of warm colourful sunlight into your listening space to replace the dark icy chill of winter and makes the world feel like a better place.

From J. Hubner's blog...
Schnauss has always dabbled in more melody-driven music, so even his densest and headiest work has elements of ear-catching melody. Likewise, Jonas Munk’s work was always based in a pop sensibility. With both of them also deep divers in ‘Komische’ and ‘Berlin School’, their collaborative efforts weren’t going to be anything short of brilliant. You get pop melodies intertwined in a web of glistening shoegaze, ambient and swells of emotional depth.

'Asteroid 2467' continues what started four years ago, and builds upon it. Ulrich Schnauss has been a permanent member of TANGERINE DREAM for years now, and Jonas Munk has established himself as a master of subtlety and studio wizardry with his work in Billow Observatory, Nicklas Sorensen and his own solo work. Combine all that experience and hard won knowledge in the studio and what you’re going to get is something pretty special and mind-blowing.

Besides 'Asteroid 2467', there is a non-album track also up on the Bandcamp page called 'Afterglow'.
The hazy, echoed guitars of Jonas Munk coalesce beautifully with the hazy swaths of synth.
More to love and get excited about and nothing short of brilliant from these two.

‘Eight Fragments Of An Illusion’ is also available as a Double 12”+10” Vinyl – Stock # 2205254– Stock # 2205254

‘Eight Fragments Of An Illusion’ is released on 23rd April 2021.

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01. Asteroid 2467 (8:52)
02. Return To Burlington (6:04)
03. Solitary Falling (4:29)
04. Narkomfin (5:30)
05. Faint Lights In The Distance (6:57)
06. Along Deserted Streets (6:06)
07. Perpetual Motion (10:51)
08. Polychrome (8:49)

TPT – 57:38