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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £9.99 (exc) £11.99 (inc)


Shades of cosmic Vangelis in the 2021 album from this well-established and prolific electronic music composer mainly working in the field of library music!

Lyonel Bauchet already has over 100 album releases under his belt in a career spanning over 40 years!

Working from his studio just north of Paris he is best known in the Electronic Music world for his mastery of the Buchla modular synthesiser. Indeed his huge Buchla 200e system formed the basis for the sonic world he previously created for the DiN label with his digital only release entitled: ‘The Secret Society’ in 2011. Ten years later DiN label boss Ian Boddy coaxed Bauchet in to creating a new album that this time would be destined for a full CD release … ‘The Diver’ is that album!

‘The Diver’ is a lush concept album in that alludes to an undersea world many of us will never visit. The five tracks segue into a seamless piece of audio that explores the hidden vistas and dark spaces of the deep sea. Utilising his vast musical experience Bauchet has created an astonishing sound world that ebbs and flows like the ocean currents. The attention to detail and immersive sonic textures sparkle on top of vast oceanic swells that travel from the peaceful and quiet through to darkly dangerous.
Once again his use of the Buchla modular is evident with beautiful soaring and trilling Vangelis like lead tones. Underneath the sequencer patterns and restrained percussion bubble & roil building to subtle climaxes before descending back in to the dark depths.

The life of a library music composer is very often rather anonymous, so it is a great privilege for the DiN label to be able to present this album release from such a talented composer.
Dive in to the sonic undersea world of Lyonel Bauchet and lose yourself in this stunning album that, for me, is one of the best DiN release in a long time!

‘The Diver’ was released on 17th September 2021.


01. Submersion (11:36)
02. Ambient Pressure (8:00)
03. Abyss (11:29)
04. Hydrostatic Equilibrium (10:04)
05. The Edge (11:29)

TPT - 52:38