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Product Format: CD               

Price: Normally £13.99 Currently £9.99 (exc) £11.99 (inc)


Ex-ENID members go it alone as CRAFT on this superb keyboard instrumental symphonic rock album that was originally issued on vinyl back in the 1980s!

Recorded by ENID alumni: William Gilmour and Martin Russell together with PRIDE OF PASSION’s Grant Gilmour, ‘First Signs’ is a renamed and Newly Remastered version of that long deleted self-titled lone album by CRAFT.

The CRAFT album was first issued on CD in 1999 on a USA based indie label, but that version has long since been out of print.
This New Definitive Edition has been Remastered from the Original Master Tapes by Martin Russell.
‘First Signs’ includes 8 Bonus Tracks, four of which are remixes from the original set, along with 2 Previously Unreleased pieces: ‘Despina’ and ‘Dmitri’s Lament’.

‘First Signs’ comes packaged with the original artwork by Willie Gilmour and liner notes by Martin Russell that detail the history of the band and the making of the album.

With all influences well rooted in 70's symphonic rock, CRAFT deliver a richly layered instrumental keyboard sound that’s not that far off what the ENID were all about in their earlier years, but musically it is faster paced with a tempo that is generally more 'up' than many ENID works were, but fans of the legendary cult symphonic rock band will lap this music up like there’s no tomorrow!

‘First Signs’ is released on 3rd December 2021.


01. Aries
02. Taurus
03. Gemini
04. Cancer
05. Leo
06. Virgo
07. Despina * Bonus Track *
08. Dmitri’s Lament * Bonus Track *
09. Taurus [1989 remix] * Bonus Track *
10. Gemini [1989 remix] * Bonus Track *
11. Cancer [1989 remix] * Bonus Track *
12. Leo [1989 remix] * Bonus Track *
13. Branislava * Bonus Track *
14. And So To Sleep * Bonus Track *