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Product Format: 2LP               

Price: Normally £42.99 Currently £29.99 (exc) £35.99 (inc)


Double Vinyl LP inc. 14 Unearthed Tracks, 9 of which are Previously UNHEARD - Comes in a Gate-Fold Sleeve featuring Unseen Photos and New Liner Notes!

This 2021 Double Vinyl LP of the legendary ‘One Year’ album includes 14 Unearthed Recordings, 9 of which are Previously UNHEARD Compositions! It has been mastered by Joe Lizzi and cut by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio and comes packaged in a Gate-Fold Sleeve featuring Unseen Photos and New Liner Notes written by Colin himself!

This issue of ‘One Year’ also contains ‘That Same Year’ which includes beautifully sparse demo versions of three songs from ‘One Year’ including: ‘Caroline Goodbye’ and ‘Let Me Come Closer To You’ where Colin is joined by fellow ZOMBIE Rod Agent on piano.
Four songs have Colin joined by the late English singer-songwriter Duncan Browne on classical guitar.
Beyond the three familiar songs you will find Colin’s familiar voice and wit come through on Completely Unheard Compositions all penned for the ‘One Year’ album; including ‘Sing Your Own Song’ where he sings of reading about his own death in Rolling Stone!

‘One Year’ is also available as a Tri-Fold Card Sleeved CD – Stock # 2205675

‘One Year’ is released on 19th November 2021.


LP 1 - Side 1 [One Year]:
01. She Loves The Way They Love Her
02. Misty Roses
03. Smokey Day
04. Caroline Goodbye
05. Though You Are Far Away

LP 1 - Side 2 [One Year]:
01. Mary Won’t You Warm My Bed
02. Her Song
03. I Can’t Live Without You
04. Let Me Come Closer To You
05. Say You Don’t Mind

LP 2 - Side 1 [That Same Year]:
01. Are You Ready
02. I've Always Had You
03. Sing Your Own Song
04. Caroline Goodbye [demo]
05. I'd Like To Get To Know You Better
06. Though You Are Far Away [demo]
07. Too Much Too Soon Last Night

LP 2 - Side 2 [That Same Year]:
01. I Wonder If You Know What You've Begun
02. I Won't Let You Down 02:10
03. You Gave Me A Reason
04. I'm Coming Home
05. I Really Do Love You
06. Let Me Come Closer To You [demo]
07. You Really Were A Surprise