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Product Format: BX07               

Price: £133.33 (exc) £159.99 (inc)


Very Ltd Deluxe Box feat. 128g Engraved Wooden USB3 Stick containing 24 Studio performances in both HQ audio & HD video, plus 30-piece Photo Set!

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VERY LIMITED Edition USB Box containing Seasons 1 & 2 of Thorsten Quaschning’s ‘Behind Closed Doors’ on-line studio concert performances as seen on YouTube … All 24 of them in HQ Audio and HD Video!

All the ‘Behind Closed Doors’ files are contained on a 128GB Dark Real Wood USB3 Stick with an Engraved BCD Logo on both sides!
The USB3 Stick contains:
All 24 ‘Behind Closed Doors’ Sessions (Season 1 + 2) Videos in High Definition!
All 24 ‘Behind Closed Doors’ Sessions (Season 1 + 2) Audio Tracks in Wave (48/24) & MP3 (320kbps)!
The Box also contains: Interviews, Bonus Videos, and Gear Talk etc.
30 Professionally Printed 10 x 15cm Photos (Sessions, Guests, Location, Equipment etc.)!

All the sets were recorded at UFA Fabric & Lido in Berlin, Germany and mixed during 2020 & 2021 by Thorsten Quaeschning at the Townend & Shoppe studios in Berlin, Germany.

The Video is by BB Film - Camera: Finn Fausten, Armin Fausten, Andreas Bernhardt & Christoph Kanter, with the Cut + Editing by Andreas Bernhardt.

The Cover & Artworks is by Adrian Bang.

‘Behind Closed Doors’ is released on 27th January 2022.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the very limited nature of this release, early ordering is advised to avoid disappointment.

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