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Brand new 2012/22 album from the current kings of UK improvised EM performed in the “Berlin School” style!

‘Widely Spaced’ is made up of one long improvised piece that spins between many moods, from the deepest drifts to up-tempo beats.
The pandemic and its greater and lesser lockdowns (whether mandated or just sensible) haven't been great for the band. As an improvising unit they thrive off playing together in the same space.
Worse still, as a lazy improvising band (their words – not nine) they tend to do things when they have a pressing deadline to deal with, which generally means a concert to rehearse for!

With nobody taking the risk of setting up gigs likely to be cancelled, not to mention the dreaded “B” word messing up any EU opportunities, everything just dried up!
Except... they had been planning on going over to the US to play at the Gatherings, but had to cancel early on, as they couldn't really risk paying for flights that might have had to abandoned … and sadly as it turned out, they were correct to do so. However, they did decide to create something to play on ‘Stars End’ on the night they would have been there. ‘Widely Spaced’ contains the music they made for that radio show.

‘Widely Spaced’ is a lockdown recording, made by passing files around between the band members and building it up. You can hear their individual musical personalities coming through in various sections, depending on who originated them; they’ve also tried to play together - shifted in time and space - to make it more of a band effort.
The original concept was to lead on it being a Halloween broadcast, with lots of spooky darkness.
In the end, very little of these efforts survived, and the recording ended up touching all kind of musical bases. It’s definitely AIR SCULPTURE, but also something a bit different too!

‘Widely Spaced ’ was released on 21st January 2022.

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01. Widely Spaced (60:40)

TPT – 60:40