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Product Format: 2CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: Normally £16.99 Currently £12.49 (exc) £14.99 (inc)


Swedish Prog legends The FLOWER KINGS have released their 15th studio album in 2022 and it’s the newest full-length offering in their 25-year history!

‘By Royal Decree’ is the group's 3rd studio record since introducing drummer Mirko DeMaio and keyboardist Zach Kamins into a line-up that is a vintage affair in many respects.
With virtually no touring to endeavour upon for the last two years, the band members were free to focus on recording new material, as well as reviewing things left on the cutting room floor from previous sessions.

FLOWER KINGS lead singer and guitarist Roine Stolt elaborates on going into the way back machine for the new record, saying: "It was great to dig into that old treasure island of 'forgotten’ TFK music before the band ever existed, and re-connecting made me realize why and what the FLOWER KINGS are. This album is a journey through my history as a writer and my 'middle age' saga reflecting on that."

Another significant change is that founding member Michael Stolt returns after more than two decades to contribute bass and vocals, splitting duties with current bassist Jonas Reingold.

For a limited time, this Double CD Edition of ‘By Royal Decree’ comes in a 6-Panel Digi-Pak with an accompanying 24-Page Booklet!

‘By Royal Decree’ is also available as a 180gm Triple Vinyl LP + 2CD Boxed Set – Stock # 2205782

‘By Royal Decree’ is released on 4th March 2022.


CD 1:
01. The Great Pretender (6:58)
02. World Gone Crazy (5:04)
03. Blinded (7:48)
04. A Million Stars (7:20)
05. The Soldier (5:26)
06. The Darkness In You (5:15)
07. We Can Make It Work (2:53)
08. Peacock On Parade (5:20)
09. Revolution (6:08)
TPT – 51:39

CD 2:
01. Time The Great Healer (6:16)
02. Letter (2:25)
03. Evolution (4:56)
04. Silent Ways (5:20)
05. Moth (4:40)
06. The Big Funk (4:40)
07. Open Your Heart (5:20)
08. Shrine [piano intro] (1:10)
09. Funeral Pyres (7:12)
TPT – 41:19