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Product Format: 2CCD               ** Regular Stock Item **

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Much sought-after 1973 Krautrock classic now for the first time Remastered from the Original Analogue Master Tapes by Dieter Dierks & Dennis Flüchter

Transferred from the ORIGINAL ANALOG MASTER TAPES with HIGHER RESOLUTION and REMASTERED with great care by Dieter Dierks and Dennis Flüchter, this 2022 edition of Walter Wegmuller’s ‘Tarot’ is available in TWO DIFFERENT CD and VINYL configurations … 2CD & 4CD sets plus Double Vinyl LP and a Relica of the Original Double Vinyl LP Box Set with all the Extra Memorabilia that was included on that 1973 release!

Walter Wegmüller was born in Bern, the son of Romani travellers. He grew up in homes and farms with foster parents, later travelling round Europe and India, making paintings and jewellery.
He settled in Basel in 1957 and became an expert on the Tarot.
Working as a visual artist, Wegmüller designed a set of 22 tarot cards. His friend Timothy Leary introduced him to Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser of Ohr Records in Germany, and it was agreed that Wegmüller would record an album on the theme of tarot, with musicians Klaus Schulze, two members of Ash Ra Tempel Manuel Göttsching and Hartmut Enke and other musicians. Collectively they were known as The COSMIC JOKERS.

The ‘Tarot’ album was recorded in 1972 and released in 1973, with an elaborate package that included a set of Wegmüller's cards. Wegmüller recites stories about each of the tarot cards on the album, which also contains lengthy instrumental passages from the musicians.

This 2CD edition come in a Card Cover and is Remastered by Dieter Dierks & Dennis Flüchte.

‘Tarot’ is also available as a Four CD Set with 2 Different Remasters in a Card Cover – Stock # 2206125
‘Tarot’ is also available as a Double Vinyl LP in a Gatefold Sleeve – Stock # 2206122
‘Tarot’ is also available as a Replica of the original Box with Double Vinyl LP and Inserts – Stock # 2206123

‘Tarot’ is released on 16th December 2022.


CD 1 [Dieter Dierks & Dennis Flüchter Remaster]:
01. Der Narr
02. Der Magier
03. Die Hohepriesterin
04. Die Herrscherin
05. Der Herrscher
06. Der Hohepriester
07. Die Entscheidung
08. Der Wagen
09. Die Gerechtigkeit
10. Der Weise
11. Das Glücksrad
12. Die Kraft

CD 2 [Dieter Dierks & Dennis Flüchter Remaster]:
01. Die Prüfung
02. Der Tod
03. Die Mäßigkeit
04. Der Teufel
05. Die Zerstörung
06. Die Sterne
07. Der Mond
08. Die Sonne
09. Das Gericht
10. Die Welt