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Johannes Schmoelling, Kurt Ader, Rob Waters & Andreas Merz follow-up the huge success achieved by ‘Iconic’, the group’s debut album from 2020!

After the huge success achieved by ‘Iconic’, the group’s (as a trio) debut album from 2020, S.A.W. deliver a mixture of ambient, electronica and cinematic sound collages with this, their second album: ‘Hydragate’.
The 10-tracks for the CD edition (with 8 on the Vinyl LP … see track details below for differences) were developed over various studios in Munich, Berlin, Mannheim and Hitzacker, using various samples, analogue drum machines, modular and digital synthesizers, and you hear the quartet traversing different emotional energies ranging from epic power to lightness.

‘Surface Illusions’ and the title track offers composed melody lines similar to Johannes Schmoelling’s time with TANGERINE DREAM. Also in ‘Whispering Colours’ you can recognize the dexterity of program sequences that take the listener into a trance-like world of their own. On ‘Sphere’ you discover some fine sound design, probably because band member Kurt Ader is not only a composer, but also a sound designer for various leading synthesizer manufacturers, programming sounds for well-known bands and artists such as Nightwish, Dream Theater or Michael Cretu.
‘Inside Out’ impresses with the use of alienated ethnic sounds and on ‘Master Of Time’ you pick-up echoes of 70’s electronic music as dark ambient soundscapes meet with the sounds of the present time. In the main very rhythmic sounds are missing on the new S.A.W. album, but ‘Distant Memories’ and ‘Stop And Go’ being fine examples.

‘Hydragate’ is also available as an 8-Track Vinyl LP – Stock # 2206174

‘Hydragate’ is released on 30th June 2023.


01. Distant Memories (4:45)
02. Surface Of Illusions (5:36)
03. Sphere (6:14)
04. Stop And Go (3:56)
05. Hydragate (5:38)
06. Whispering Colours (4:36)
07. Master Of Time (5:56)
08. Falling Down (4:23)
09. Human Greed (4:13)
10. Inside Out (6:10)

TPT – 51:29