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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

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Great new Electronic Music studio album recorded in the Berlin School style from 80s artist famous for his albums on the German I.C. label as SOFTWARE!

Well known since the 1980s for his IC releases under the name SOFTWARE brand, Peter Mergener celebrates a small comeback with ‘New Horizons’ and presents a first-class Berlin School album produced in the old SOFTWARE style, and now for the first time on the German Spheric Music label.

Peter Mergener is back with a brilliant Berlin School album. When Lambert Ringlage (Spheric Music) heard the music for the first time, it was clear that he had to make an effort to release it: "The best thing I've heard from Peter in years!"

Peter Mergener became known in the 80s through the IC albums under the formation of Mergener & Weisser and SOFTWARE.
After TANGERINE DREAM and KLAUS SCHULZE, Mergener was at the forefront of the "next generation" of the Berlin School and enjoyed great popularity with the ‘Electronic Universe’ and ‘Phancyful Fire’ albums on IC Records. After numerous stylistically different publications on various labels, it then became quieter around Peter. All the more pleasing now is that that he used that time to produce ‘New Horizons’, another first-class electronic music album.

Harmonic choral surfaces create a deep atmosphere from which hypnotic sequences gradually emerge, become denser and rise to a top-line Berlin School track. Compositionally flowing with sensitivity, incorporating stylistic elements of Klaus Schulze and TANGERINE DREAM, alongside the immaculate atmospheres of SOFTWARE, this is a varied, homogeneous album that Mergener has created.
Wonderful for dreaming and drifting away with, this is a recording that Spheric Music is proud to be associated with.

‘New Horizons’ is released on 10th March 2023.


01. Discovery (6:58)
02. Space Shuttle (5:47)
03. Surroundings (3:45)
04. Kosmonaut (8:32)
05. Heart Of Space (3:34)
06. Hycean Planet (7:58)
07. New Horizons (7:20)
08. Ignition (9:16)
09. Mission Control (3:03)

TPT - 56:17