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Product Format: 2CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £9.16 (exc) £10.99 (inc)

Related Artist Profiles: Ashley Franklin


35 cross-genre EXCLUSIVES from a star-studded line-up of Artists & Bands on a fund-raising double album compiled by BBC Radio Derby DJ Ashley Franklin!

* Please hover your mouse / pointer over the sleeve image above to see a picture Ashley with Claire, the inspiration behind this 2CD set. *

* See ASHLEY FRANKLIN’s profile page for a historical description of ‘The Sky Goes All The Way Home’ and the full story behind its conception by clicking on the “Related Artist Profiles” link above *

Originally issued in 1999, this charity album was released in aid of Parkwood School in Derbyshire – where Claire was a pupil at the time – and the Down’s Syndrome Association.
This limited stock discovery comes with many still UNRELEASED TRACKS and a 32-Page Booklet with extensive sleeve notes, including text donated by a few of the artists involved, plus passages written about the cause.

A real MUST HAVE for collectors of the artists involved, ‘The Sky Goes All The Way Home’ may well have one of the longest running times for a Double CD produced back then, because it notches up a staggering 157 Minutes Playing Time and features 35 ALL EXCLUSIVE TRACKS (in 1999) played by artists from several music genres.
It's all great music too - a mixture of songs and instrumentals that will give many hours of listening pleasure.

Here are just a few of the big names that supplied EXCLUSIVE tracks for the set: Robert Fripp, John Wetton, Peter Hammill, Gordon Giltrap, Andy Pickford, Asana, Bekki Williams, Michael Neil, Kevin Coyne, Roy Harper and Anthony Phillips. If all that wasn't enough, you'll find a real grandiose piece from The ENID, a superb track by the brilliant Irish duo CELTUS, two tracks from the king of keyboards Rick Wakeman and haunting music from the electronic project: IN THE NURSERY. With a line-up like this and the quality of music on offer, you simply cannot go wrong. Just over two and a half hours of fantastic music!


CD 1:
01. ROBERT DE FRESNES: Claire's Dream (4:38)
02. TROY DONOCKLEY: Sights (3:09)
03. RICK WAKEMAN: Hymn Of Hope (3:19)
04. GORDON GILTRAP: Fell Runner (2:51)
05. IN THE NURSERY: Le Ciel (3:55)
06. SUE MARTIN: Picture This (2:45)
07. PETER HAMMILL: Far Flung {Across The Sky} (3:18)
08. CIPHER (2): White Cloud, Blue Sky (5:30)
09. ASANA: Simran Visionary (5:53)
10. THEE-NA-SHEE: Boundless Sky (5:55)
11. KEVIN COYNE: I Believe It (2:41)
12. MIRANDA WIND: Lowlands (3:49)
13. BEKKI WILLIAMS: Amber Dawn (6:26)
14. DANNY HOLLAND: Flow (4:15)
15. NO-MAN: Like A Child (4:08)
16. ANTHONY PHILLIPS: Sky Dawn (6:13)
17. THE ENID: Tears Of The Sun (9:29)

TPT – 78:34

CD 2:
01. RICK WAKEMAN: A Little Piece Of Heaven (2:04)
02. CELTUS: Fade Away (3:49)
03. MICHAEL NEIL: Lux Gratia (4:52)
04. JAMES ASHER: The Bluest Sky (4:39)
05. ROY HARPER: Solar Wind Sculptures (3:38)
06. BIOSPHERE: Bird-watching (3:41)
07. HYPERDUST: In The Perfect Blue (4:51)
08. KARDA ESTRA: Warmth Of The Sky (3:41)
09. ANDY PICKFORD: The Sky Breaks (6:57)
10. ROB ARMSTRONG: All The Way Home (3:38)
11. KELVIN L. SMITH: Lonely Longing (3:37)
12. JOHN TAMS: Yonder Down The Winding Road {Re-visited} (3:53)
13. JOHN WETTON: Adagietto (3:38)
14. ROBERT FRIPP: Sky Falls (5:00)
15. RUPERT PARKER: Blow The Wind Blow (4:30)
16. MARK GWYNNE JONES: Three Lanes End (5:12)
17. NICK HARPER: The Sky Goes All The Way Home (3:58)
18. DAVE MASSEY: The Sky Goes... (6:46)

TPT – 78:32