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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £11.66 (exc) £13.99 (inc)


A modern masterpiece for fans of late PINK FLOYD, BLACKFIELD, PORCUPINE TREE and ANATHEMA, and it comes in a super-slick Triple-Pane Card Cover!

In October 2011, the wait for the much-anticipated 2nd album from Norwegian atmospheric progressive rock band AIRBAG was finally over! The debut, ‘Identity’, got rave reviews from all specialized press (and especially here at CDS Towers where we were the first to review it properly) and impressed both fans and journalists all over the world.

On ‘All Rights Removed’, the band refined their sound, and delivered an album filled with wonderful atmospheric and majestic songs. The material had a darker atmosphere and the songs were longer, but in doing so, AIRBAG had taken a big step forward without losing their unique sound.

This really is classy stuff, and when you listen to the mostly instrumental closing epic that is: ‘Homesick’, well, it’s ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ all over again!

And by the way, anyone thinking … Norwegian band, are the vocals going to be strange? Forget it – If we weren’t telling you the band were from Norway, you would automatically assume they were an English band when you played the CD … so no worries there then!


01. All Rights Removed (8:59)
02. White Walls (5:19)
03. Bridge (6:20)
04. Never Coming Home (9:00)
05. Light Them All Up (3:01)
06. Homesick (17:22)

TPT – 50:03