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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £13.33 (exc) £15.99 (inc)


Former PYRAMID PEAK member’s follow-up to the amazing, best selling ‘Voices Of Dawn’ CD, and it’s classic “Berlin School” meets French romanticism in style.

Taking inspiration from astronomy, ‘Fusion’ puts more emphasis on the rhythmic side of the music with extra weight from the sequencers, resulting in an excellent “Berlin School” style album with sensitive melodies and dreamy atmospherics.
It is one of those albums that if I were to walk into a record shop (remember those?) and heard it playing on the in-house sound system, I would simply walk up to the sales counter and say “I’ll have one of what’s playing please” regardless of who or what it was - and quite possibly even if I wasn’t a Synth Music fan – But then I might well be after experiencing this album :-)
AXESS music just draws you in with irresistible full-on, rhythmic and melodic qualities that are influenced by all the ‘EM’ greats, but this guy just seems to do it louder and (for me) better than most of his modern day counterparts.
I suppose the fact that JEAN-MICHEL JARRE and TANGERINE DREAM are probably nearest to what he does, brings AXESS into the mainstream, an area that for most synth acts is not an easy place to reach, but AXESS does it for sure!
His main formula seems to be either; build a punchy, vibrant, exciting rhythmic base, then spread delicious, haunting melodies all over the base, improvising and layering these to maximum effect, then topping things of with a devilish chord change or two just to optimise the excitement levels - or – opening up with hazy atmospherics or big spacey synth chords and effects, then gradually bring synth (and occasional electric guitar) melodies, sequencers and synth rhythms in later down the line to act as a pivotal driving force, but upfront as everything is, it always perfectly balanced and produced, and in my view, both are the perfect equations to grab mass attention
You never tire of what you are hearing. It’s great for in the house or in the car, but most of all, it’s the kind of synth music you want play loud!

From this exciting release and its incredible predecessor, we discovered other AXESS albums, as well as titles where Axel has teamed up with MAXXESS, the multi-talented German guitarist/keyboardist Max Schiefele, producing two albums under the AXESS-MAXESS banner.
For AXESS-MAXXESS (and MAXXESS solo albums) you have to think instrumental PINK FLOYD / PORCUPINE TREE meets TANGERINE DREAM - A progressive-electronic crossover, where synthesizers and electric guitars meet in an exciting meld of instrumental fusion that delivers similarly high-energy, melodic music to that on the AXESS albums, but with an added progressive edge brought by the inclusion of the equally melodic, but heavier feel of the MAXXESS guitar sound.


01. Speed Of Light (8:19) * Strong & vibrant track with Jean-Michel-Jarre meets TD influences *
02. Fusion (13:37) * Classic Schulze / Schroeder influenced hypnotic slow burner *
03. Pictures (16:28) * Atmospheric builder that blossoms out into guitar / synth combined heaven *
04. Ne-Alim (11:13) * Another atmospheric track with slowly building sequencer and synth melody *
05. Schuverelos (7:57) * Slow, brooding rhythmic track with underlying symphonic waves *
06. Under A Starry Sky (11:57) * The big closing number starts up drifting in deep space and ends flying on a gloriously melodic galactic space-trip *

TPT – 69:52