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2005 album featuring occasionally up-tempo, flowing electronic music in a rich and melodic “Berlin School” style.

Back in 2008, we were totally blown away by former PYRAMID PEAK member Axel Stupplich’s ‘Voices At Dawn’ album issued under the name AXESS. Playing analogue, digital & native synthesizers, AXESS delivered over 67 minutes of powerful, melodic, rhythmic electronic music on an album that was a total thriller from start to finish, alive with sounds that echoed classic JEAN-MICHEL JARRE and TANGERINE DREAM!
When ‘Fusion’, the stunning follow-up to ‘Voices’ came along in 2010, we just had to delve further into the AXESS and related back-catalogue, and on the back of these exciting two releases we then went on to discover this and other AXESS related titles.
In 2004 and 2010 Axel teamed up with multi-talented German musician Max Schiefele who was working under the name MAXXESS and playing electric & acoustic guitars and synthesizers, and together the pair produced two exciting albums under the AXESS-MAXXESS banner.
For AXESS-MAXXESS (and MAXXESS solo albums) you have to think instrumental PINK FLOYD / PORCUPINE TREE meets TANGERINE DREAM - A progressive-electronic crossover, where synthesizers and electric guitars meet in an exciting meld of instrumental fusion that delivers similarly high-energy, melodic music to that on the AXESS albums, but with an added progressive edge brought by the inclusion of the equally melodic, but heavier feel of the MAXXESS guitar sound.


01. Time Traveller (5:56)
02. Uncertainty Principle (6:11)
03. Cuba Libre (5:48)
04. Fly Away (6:29)
05. Mirror Of Illusions (6:17)
06. Pharao (7:49)
07. Bombay Fruit Market (6:26)
08. Lost In Space (5:26)
09. Voyage (8:06)
10. World Of Secrets (14:50)

TPT - 73:43