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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £8.33 (exc) £9.99 (inc)

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One of the only remaining titles still available by this 70’s semi-instrumental German Prog band that predominantly styled themselves on The NICE & ELP!

* For extra historical information on TRIUMVIRAT and their music, please click on the “profile” link above *

There can’t be too many of our customers that are unaware of the glorious music made by TRIUMVIRAT throughout the 70’s, but just in case you are a fan of The NICE & EMERSON LAKE & PALMER and haven’t heard of them, check the profile link above and if you like what you see check out this and the other 4 titles still available on import …

This 2002 Remastered CD edition of the 1976 studio album on Harvest/Electrola Records comes with the Original Artwork and 1 Bonus Track!

‘Old Loves Die Hard’ was the 4th TRIUMVIRAT album and a hybrid of Progressive Rock and more mainstream songs that still remains today as a natural progression from the ‘Spartacus’ style, as the band looked to broaden their appeal to a more mainstream audience as well as the Prog Rock fans!

After the success achieved by ‘Spartacus’ and things were going really well for TRIUMVIRAT, Helmut Köllen announced his departure to pursue a solo career, and with the support of his band-mate and cousin Jürgen Fritz plus other well-known musicians, his debut album started to take form.

Having difficulties finding a replacement for Köllen, the band decided to recruit their old friend and former band-mate Werner "Dick" Frangenberg as bassist plus they brought in vocalist Barry Palmer from the UK, and as a quartet they recorded: ‘Old Loves Die Hard’, the first non-conceptual TRIUMVIRAT album.

Musician Line-up:
Jürgen Fritz (Hammond organ / Wurlitzer / Fender & Hohner electric pianos / grand piano / Moog synthesizer / String Ensemble / 12-string guitar / arranger & producer), Barry Palmer (lead vocals), Werner "Dick" Frangenberg (bass), Hans Bathelt (drums / percussion)
Plus guests: Cologne Kinder Choir - chorus of children voices on track 1), Hans-Günter Lenders (choir leader on track 1), Sondra Fritz (unaccredited - spoken word in track 1), Jane Palmer (backing vocals on track 7) and Charly Schlimbach (saxophone on track 2).

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01. I Believe (7:51)
02. A Day In A Life (8:14)
a. Uranus' Dawn
b. Pisces At Noon
c. Panorama Dusk
03. History Of Mystery - Part 1 (7:50)
04. History Of Mystery - Part 2 (3:59)
05. A Cold Old Worried Lady (5:50)
06. Panic On 5th Avenue (10:30)
07. Old Loves Die Hard (4:26)
08. Take A Break Today [Single] (3:44) Barry Palmer * Bonus Track *

TPT - 52:24