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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £8.33 (exc) £9.99 (inc)

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One of the only remaining titles still available by this 70’s semi-instrumental German Prog band that predominantly styled themselves on The NICE & ELP!

* For extra historical information on TRIUMVIRAT and their music, please click on the “profile” link above *

There can’t be too many of our customers that are unaware of the glorious music made by TRIUMVIRAT throughout the 70’s, but just in case you are a fan of The NICE & EMERSON LAKE & PALMER and haven’t heard of them, check the profile link above and if you like what you see check out this and the other 4 titles still available on import …

This 2002 Remastered CD edition of the 1974 studio album on Harvest Records comes with the Original Artwork and 4 Bonus Tracks!

Due to the great success in Germany of their debut album: ‘Mediterranean Tales’, TRIUMVIRAT started work in their second release that was to be called: ‘Illusions On A Double Dimple’, a concept album based around depression and personal relations.
During the recording sessions Hans Pape left the band and Helmut Köllen came in to replace him on guitar, bass & vocals. This was to become the most famous TRIUMVIRAT line-up as a rock trio.

Enhanced by the Cologne House Symphony Orchestra, ‘Illusions On A Double Dimple’ saw TRIUMVIRAT become an international name, and it was a hit in many countries, including the UK where it was seen as the band’s UK debut on Harvest Records.

Musician Line-up:
Jürgen Fritz (grand piano / Hammond organ / Moog synthesizer / electric piano / vocals / production, arrangements & direction of choir, strings & brass), Helmut Köllen (bass / acoustic & electric guitars / vocals) and Hans Bathelt (drums / percussion).
Plus guests: Karl Dewo (saxophone solo on track 2), Hans Pape (bass on track 1), Cologne Opera House Orchestra (strings - violins, violas & celli), Kurt Edelhagen Brass Section (brass - trumpets, trombones & tenor saxes), Peter Cadera (spoken word on track 1), Hanna Dölitzsch, Brigitte Thomas and Ulla Wiesner (all on backing vocals).

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The COMPLETE batch of 5CD’s are also available as this SPECIAL PRICE BUNDLE Until Friday 16th of Feb 2018
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01. Illusions On A Double Dimple (22:59)
a. Flashback (0:54)
b. Schooldays (3:20)
c. Triangle (6:55)
d. Illusions (1:40)
e. Dimplicity (5:28)
f. Last dance (4:42)
02. Mister Ten Percent (21:22)
a. Maze (3:01)
b. Dawning (1:01)
c. Bad Deal (1:40)
d. Roundabout (5:49)
e. Lucky Girl (4:32)
f. Million Dollars (5:19)
03. Dancer's Delight [Single] (3:34) * Bonus Track *
04. Timothy [Single] (4:10) * Bonus Track *
05. Dimplicity [edited Single version] (3:17) * Bonus Track *
06. Million Dollars [edited Single version] (2:35) * Bonus Track *

TPT - 57:57