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Brilliant 2011 MOOG, MELLOTRON, HAMMOND backed powerful, melodic Prog for fans ranging from STARCASTLE to YES and SAGA to SPOCK'S BEARD.

ATTENTION all CDS Towers PROG fans – If you haven’t heard this band already, you are definitely going to want to because this CD IS for YOU!!!
PRESTO BALLET makes utterly amazing music! - Powerful, melodic prog in the true classic style with a rock leaning, using all analogue keyboards (Moog, Mellotron, Hammond etc), guitars, bass and drums.
This is the 3rd PRESTO BALLET album, and like the 2005 debut: ‘Peace Amongst The Ruins’, it’s another real epic sounding work paying homage to the progressive rock music that has inspired its members for a lifetime.
For this recording, founder Kurdt Vanderhoof is surrounded by a new line-up, and one that is completely dedicated to his vision of making solid prog rock records that are firmly grounded in the genre’s roots.
PRESTO BALLET are perfect fodder for STARCASTLE to YES and SAGA to SPOCK'S BEARD fans. All seven tracks on ‘Invisible Places’ are inspired and extremely well written, with hooks and memorable sounds delivered all over the place. The production is as classy as it can get and the sound is big and beefy. ‘Invisible Places’ delivers on Kurdt’s vision in a big way, and is surely a must-have title for inclusion any serious Prog rocker’s collection!
The current band line-up comprises: Kurdt Vanderhoof (guitars / Mellotron / bass pedals), Ronny Munroe (lead & backing vocals / acoustic guitar), Kerry Shacklett (Hammond organ/ piano / synthesizers, Mellotron / electric piano / clavinet / backing vocals) and Bobby Ferkovich (bass guitar / bass pedals / backing vocals), with Henry Ellwood featuring on drums & percussion.


01. Between The Lines (7:15)
02. Puzzle (7:45)
03. Sundancer (8:37)
04. Of Grand Design (11:55)
05. One Perfect Moment (5:16)
06. All In All (8:03)
07. No End To A Beginning (12:26)

TPT – 61:50