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The final few copies left of this Electronic Music gem from Mark Shreeve’s band REDSHIFT that was recorded ‘live’ in 2002 and released in October 2004!

Lets start with the album’s closing 20-minute epic: ‘Praetorian’, simply because it’s totally mind-blowing!
The opening four minutes of this piece contain probably some of the most stirring, heavenly music that this quartet ever recorded! Then, through these dark ethereal cosmic realms of distant Mellotron heavenly choirs come resonant electronic rhythms and PINK FLOYD-esque electric guitar. Then the track climbs ever higher towards a passage of big beefy sequencer lines erupting over the sizzling guitars and deep bass synth texture … the effect is just astounding!
After climbing to that epic peak, it then falls back to that quiet earth, before launching once again into hyperspace and a musical meltdown finale of synthesizers sequencers and cosmic space backdrops!!

Now let’s go right back to the start of a set that opens in very similar mode to the finale just described, where waves of synthesizer sounds and choral backdrops precursor sequencers, string synths and swirling galaxies of electronic layers to create that real feel of planetary travelling.
As the cosmos is charted, the sequencer rhythms burn out of the electronic engines and propel the intensely deep layers of swirling synths, ethereal Mellotron and guitar splendour towards outer world musical nirvana in both explosive and fluid modes at the same time.

Fifteen minutes later we hear: ‘Chrysolite’, a four-minute slice of cosmic bliss that leads into the mesmerizing beauty that is the electro-percussive sounding sequencer rhythm of: ‘Pyro_Gen’, a world where circular electro rhythms mix with gorgeous strings and sparkling space keyboard textures. Then the sequencer suddenly goes into hyper-drive, bounding to the front of the mix and leading the textural synth laden spacecraft to more powerful realms – This is pure 70’s TANGERINE DREAM distilled to the very essence of what made the form magic thirty years ago!
The seven-minute ‘Aquamarine’ starts as though it was ‘Rubycon’ or ‘Ricochet’ in disguise, with those flute-like synths, deep rivers of bass, gorgeous cosmic surrounds and resonant echoing rhythms, flowing magnificently forward on layers of ethereal grace as it leads up to the following track.
The eleven-minute: ‘Quenzer’ is a veritable sequencer fest combined with huge-sounding textural synth layers, multi-sequencer backdrops and stirring layers of strings and space synths.

The incredible ‘Praetorian’ (a track already covered right at the start of this review) delivers ‘Faultline’s epic climax, and just like a concert performance encore (which it probably was) where the set reaches fever pitch, it sends the audience home with heads held sky-high on the amazing fix of out-of-this-world EM they have just experienced.

Overall, you simply can’t “fault” this album – It’s a pure gem! Grab it while you still can!

‘Fautline’ was released on 12th October 2004.

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01. Faultine (15:45)
02. Chrysolite (4:40)
03. Pyro_Gen (14:58)
04. Aquamarine (7:04)
05. Quenzer (11:20)
06. Praetorian (20:43)

TPT – 74:22