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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

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Awesome monumental psyched-up 70’s styled instrumental powerful Prog from Finland featuring guitars, analogue keyboards, bass & drums – It’s hot!

Think the OZRIC TENTACLES melding with GREENSLADE interlaced with a CAMEL / HAWKWIND hybrid, with some KING CRIMSON and PINK FLOYD thrown in for good measure, and you’ve got it!
It is, as the instrument list below, and the above musical comparisons might suggest, very 70’s in it’s make-up, and it tends to stay in that era almost throughout the entire album, whether it be with wall-of-sound keyboards, dreamy melodic electric guitar solos set over huge waves of Mellotron, plodding bass and drums overlaid by roaring Hammond organ riffs or squalling guitar freak-out jams made to blow your mind – They’re all here in abundance!

The album has been around in Finland since 2009, but we’ve only just “found” it when researching the later ‘Chapter III & IV’ album, and I have to say I’m glad we didn’t miss it altogether, because this is one thrilling, raw and powerful roller coaster ride to die for - lots of raw energy trips packed with analogue keyboard and synth sounds overlaid by high flying guitars and a back-line of powerful driving bass and drums.

For most of the time it’s pretty much full-on, in your face stuff that is actually quite staggering when you realise that apart from the drums and percussion, one Moog solo and a violin part, is all one bloke doing this – Absolutely amazing!!!
I played bits and pieces of the album when we first got it in a few weeks back, then later when I realised that I hadn’t completed the review I played the album right through and even then didn’t actually realise that this was not a full four to five-piece band I was listing to – It’s THAT good!!!

Musician line-up: Juhani Nisula (guitars / bass / Hammond B-3 & M-100 organs / Mellotron / Moog, Arp & Oberheim synthesizers / Clavinet / Roland GR700 guitar synth / Crumar Multiman String Ensemble / sound effects / assorted percussion) and Zeko Takamäki (drums / percussion).
Guest players: Timo Ristila (Moog solo on ‘Pioneers’) and Sanna Agren (violin on ‘Release’).

The album comes in a jewel case with a full-colour 8-Page Booklet.


Chapter I: The Journey:
01. Launch (0:13)
02. Part One: The Pioneers (4:31)
03. Shifting {or Introduction to The Traveller} (0:46)
04. Part Two: The Traveller (6:53)
05. Part Three: Floating (7:27)
Chapter II: Circumstances
06. Part Four: The Chase (2:51)
07. Part Five: The Great Escape (6:37)
08. Part Six: Dead End (2:34)
09. Part Seven: The Release (5:44)
10. Outro (1:13)

TPT – 38:57