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2nd amazing instrumental Psychedelic Prog album from Finland with guitars, analogue keyboards, drums & bass, this really is powerful monumental stuff!

Following on from the success of the ‘Chapters I & II' album in 2009 came the release of this, the 2nd studio album in 2011 with a more refined approach!

A step up from the debut TIME TRAVELLER album, Juhani Nisula continues the journey he started on ‘Chapters I & II’ with more of the same levels of exciting, high energy Progressive Space-Rock music with full-on guitar work set over a sea of organ, Mellotron and synthesizers, but for this album he has refined his sound somewhat, but without losing anything in the way of the excitement levels he generated on the debut release!

There are more guest players on ‘Chapters II & IV’, and their inclusion only serves to enrich the sound palate and strengthen the melodic side of the tracks they are included on.

All the tracks seamlessly crossover into each other, giving the feeling that you are listening to one lengthy composition with individual chapters as opposed to just a collection of short pieces.
Right from the start the music is again upbeat and in your face, but just as passionate and plenty in the way of dynamics and variation in tempo, texture, layering and intensity as it was before.
The sound is embellished in a fresh and modern elements, with some slight elements of eastern folklore injected into the music on ‘Mind Wide Open’, with the final result being another album rich in energy and excitement and set to appeal to all across the Progressive, Psych/Space-Rock fraternity.

Musician line-up: Juhani Nisula (guitars / bass / Hammond B-3 & M-100 organ / Moog, Oberheim, Roland SH-3A and JX-3P synthesizers / Mellotron / Clavinet / Crumar Multiman / Irish Bozouki / tambura / drums on ‘Black Hole’ / assorted percussion / sound effects / voices) and Zeko Takamaki (drums / percussion).
The guest players are: Timo Ristila (Roland SH-3A on ‘Inner Peace’ & ‘Inner Peace {reprise}’ / Clavinet & Roland Jupiter 8 on ‘Code 6360 025’), Petteri Hietamaki (tenor sax / flute on ‘Inner Peace’ & ‘Inner Peace {reprise}’ and PeteriI Kivimaki (tenor sax on ‘Code 6360 025’).


01. Entrance (0:30)
02. Reality Strikes (4:18)
03. Black Hole (1:42)
04. Inner Peace (6:52)
05. Mind Wide Open (4:22)
06. Inner Peace {reprise} (2:13)
07. Code 6360025 (4:29)
08. Space Harvest (4:04)
09. Katós (4:31)
10. Last Wave (8:20)

TPT – 41:21