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Product Format: CDDV               

Price: £16.66 (exc) £19.99 (inc)


Special, Limited, Premium CD+DVD Digi-Pak Edition of this amazing 2012 SAGA reunion album with front-man Michael Sadler back on board!

Alongside RUSH, SAGA is probably one of Canada’s biggest exports in the music business. Their sensational brand of keyboard / guitar driven melodic rock became huge throughout Europe during the late 70’s and all through the 80’s. SAGA’s music is still alive and kicking hard in the naughties, and after an absence of a number of years, 2012’s ‘20/20’ studio album heralds the return of Michael Sadler’s to vocal and keyboard duties, and this really is SAGA as they were since their foundation in 1977.
Their melodic, often hypnotic musical style is defined by hi-tech keyboard arrangements driven by a battery of energy fuelled synthesizers and prominent, cutting guitar riffs, all running in perfect harmony, with as tight a driving backbone rhythm section as you can get. Add to that the brilliance of Michael Sadler’s vocals and hook-lines to die for, SAGA are still the perfect model of a melodic rock band with an electronic edge, delivering songs that are clean, clinical and extremely memorable, one after the other!

The 2012 SAGA line-up is: Michael Sadler (lead vocals & keyboards), Jim Gilmour (main keyboards & vocals), Ian Crichton (guitar), Jim Crichton (bass & keyboards) and Brian Doerner (drums).
The title ‘20/20’ first of all refers to the album being the 20th SAGA release, but also, it’s a good luck wish to Jim Gilmour, who underwent eye surgery during SAGA’s latest European tour - ‘20/20’ stands for perfect eyesight.
The album features 10 Brand New Songs – all never missing the distinctive sound of SAGA’s legendary hits.
With striking keyboard sounds and Michael Sadler’s stunning vocals, the album has all that it takes to become an instant fan favourite as well as a worldwide hit. The opener: ‘Six Feet Under’ features a dominant keyboard sound, roaring guitars and a chorus you can’t get out of your head. Followed by the catchy, high energy driven: ‘Anywhere You Wanna Go’, SAGA clarify that their original trademark sound is still going strong. The emotional ballad: ‘Lost For Words’ once again demonstrates Sadler’s incredible vocal range.
Michael Sadler reflects his return to the band: “One thing that we agreed on was that, if and when I ever were to return, it would have to feel like it was exactly the right thing to do and exactly the right time to do it!”
Clearly, there has never been a better time than now!

The exclusive DVD in this edition of ‘20/20’ follows the studio recordings of the album and gives a great insight behind the scenes of creating and recording a modern classic.

‘20/20’ is also available as a Standard Single CD package - Stock # 1521894

SAGA: 20/20 [CD+DVD DIGI-PAK] Track List:

Disc 1 [CD]:
01. Six Feet Under (4:56)
02. Anywhere You Wanna Go (5:29)
03. Ellery (4:09)
04. Spin It Again (4:41)
05. Another Day Out Of Sight (4:19)
06. One Of These Days (4:46)
07. Ball And Chain (4:18)
08. Lost For Words (4:34)
09. Show And Tell (4:42)
10. ‘Till The Well Runs Dry (6:20)
TPT – 48:16

Disc 2 [DVD]:
01. The Making Of '20/20’