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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

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Stunning 2012 debut by French composer - A quality, gloriously kaleidoscopic, contemporary electronic soundtrack-style work of many moods and colours!

The track titles here are purely markers for your Imagination, as the music flows unbroken except for a halfway pause. Occasional exotic ethnic influences provided by subtle and stunningly beautiful vocal textures weave effortlessly around imaginative contemporary rhythmic elements that vary seamlessly across the all elements of the electronic music genre. Sylvain plays synthesizers and occasional electric guitar, and presents some truly inspirational and wonderful cinematic themes and textures that lift this extraordinary musical journey far above the norm. This is evocative, landscape style film music to be savoured, and definitely the kind of sound you might expect to hear if say, Vangelis and Hans Zimmer got together to create music for an Arabic movie soundtrack.

A thoroughly enjoyable album that is so easy to get lost in - definitely “ a majestic tour de force”.


01. Doors Of Jerusalem (3:54)
02. Shahrazad (1:12)
03. Nile (4:06)
04. Amazones (2:24)
05. Fever (0:59)
06. Now And Tomorrow (5:34)
07. Waiting For You (1:47)
08. Tales Of Mu (4:53)
09. Voices Of The Dunes (3:47)
10. Secrets Of The Caravan (3:20)
11. Voice Of The Sand (1:39)
12. Just A Dream (4:08)
13. Ethereal (1:02)
14. Taj Mahal (2:56)
15. Two Small Shoes (2:20)
16. Endless (1:19)
17. Rani Dreams (2:41)
18. Aurora (2:12)
19. Odyssey (2:18)
20. Shador (2:13)
21. Lotus And The Mountain (3:33)
22. Return To Kashmir (3:39)

TPT - 62:00