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Product Format: 2CD               

Price: £12.49 (exc) £14.99 (inc)


Fascinating journey through unreleased material from the making of the 1972 ‘Marks’ album, plus a 1972 ‘live’ recording – All tracks 24-Bit Remastered!

Although their international success was only short-lived, ALQUIN was an eclectic band filled with inspiration.
Over the course of six years, they made four critically acclaimed studio albums.
The ‘Marks Sessions’ is a release of unheard ALQUIN material from the recording of their 1972 ‘Marks’ album.
As several tapes from the original sessions were unearthed earlier in 2012, ‘Marks Sessions’ contains a fascinating one-hour journey through the making of the album, featuring demo-versions of ‘I Wish I Could’, ‘Oriental Journey’ and ‘Marc's Occasional Showers’, among many others.
The Double Disc Set also features a recording of the concert ALQUIN performed at the Circustheater in Scheveningen on July 2nd, 1972. This gig represents the band in their first line-up, just before the recording of the ‘Marks’ album, and already pointing musically to what was to come on its follow-up: the ‘Mountain Queen’ album.
The recordings have been exclusively 24-Bit Remastered from the Original Master-Tapes, and in addition contain an Informative Booklet with the complete ALQUIN story and Rare Memorabilia.


Disc 1 [The Marks Sessions]:
01. Oriental Journey [demo]
02. Oriental Journey [demo]
03. Soft Royce [demo]
04. Soft Royce [demo]
05. I Wish I Could [demo]
06. I Wish I Could [demo]
07. You Always Can Change [demo]
08. You Always Can Change [demo]
09. Marc's Occasional Showers [demo]
10. Marc's Occasional Showers [demo]
11. Catherine’s Wig [demo]

Disc 2 [Live At The Circustheater]:
01. Overture / The Least You Could Do Is Send Me Some Flowers
02. Hard Royce
03. Soft Royce
04. Marc's Occasional Showers
05. I Wish I Could
06. Mr. Barnum Jr.’s Magnificent And Fabulous City