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Product Format: 3CD               

Price: £18.33 (exc) £21.99 (inc)


2013 Triple Disc Card Ecopac Edition of this 30 Track collection of Unreleased Rarities all of which have been Remastered from the Original Source Tapes!

This 2013 Card Ecopac Triple Disc Edition of the long awaited 2012 CAN triple disc ‘Lost Tapes’ rarities collection supersedes the collectable 2012 Limited 10” Boxed Edition, which is now deleted.
As with the 10” Box version, the finished quality of this product is stylish, and carries the usual Mute Records stamp of high quality production values, in both the packaging and music departments.
Track-wise, the 3 Discs in this Card Ecopac Edition are identical to those in the 10” Box.
The cover-art has the same old-fashioned Tape Box imagery, and the package contains a 24-Page Booklet that includes Exclusive Sleeve Notes by Irmin Schmidt and Ian Harrison.
Curated by Irmin Schmidt and Daniel Miller, and edited and compiled by Jono Podmore, ‘Lost Tapes’ includes unreleased studio, soundtrack and ‘live’ material, all of which has been mastered from the original source tapes.

Following the glowing success of the 2012/13 ‘Lost Tapes’ collection of Unreleased Material, Mute Records and CAN finally got it all together to re-issue the 2009 Remasters of the CAN album Back Catalogue, comprising: ‘Delay 1968’ (1968), ‘Monster Movie’ (1969), ‘Soundtracks’ (1970), ‘Tago Mago’ (1971), ‘Ege Bamyasi’ (1972), ‘Future Days’ (1973), ‘Soon Over Babaluma’ (1974), ‘Landed’ (1975), ‘Flow Motion’ (1976), ‘Unlimited Edition’ (1976), ‘Saw Delight’ (1977), ‘Can’ (1979) and ‘Rite Time’ (1989). These 2012 standard CD reissues all contain the same audio as the SACD/CD Hybrid Remasters produced in 2009, all of which had been generally unavailable for quite some time, and as such, were fetching some crazy prices!

CAN are legends from the 70’s, renowned for being a quartet of musicians charting a whole new territory in the guitar-bass-drums-keyboards area of serious music with a rock/psych influence, and allied to vocalists who could only be described as completely unique in their approach to, and style of delivery of the often long and improvised music the group would play, their sound became the definitive Kraut-Rock!
Musically we're talking about a drum style that was the foundation on which most trance, post-punk and techno contemporary releases of the 80's and 90's were built. Jaki Liebezeit's varied, yet somehow hypnotic, powerful and dynamic drumming style was central to the heart and core of the group's compositions and became the backbone of CAN’s music. This nucleus was strengthened by the solid and clean electric bass work of Holger Czukay that propelled and enhanced the ever-varied drum patterns, supporting and driving the rhythmic undercurrents of the musical soundscapes, while Michael Karoli's scorching lead guitar licks flew out on top and flowed, soared or screamed through the ether. Irmin Schmidt's keyboards / synthesizer work provided a vast backdrop to the CAN sound, adding coloration and acting as rhythmic partner and as a lead instrument when required, but without the flashy solos the UK Prog keyboard musicians of the time were delivering.
The vocals were, to say the least, different! Some albums feature the anguished, emotional, almost monotone & sometimes psychotic vocals of the American Malcolm Mooney; others contain the unintelligible foreign vocals of Japanese vocalist Damo Suzuki. The one thing they both have in common is they add to the CAN sound, both enhancing it and contributing to its totally unique nature. On later works Irmin Schmidt handled any necessary vocals in a more subdued manner, but again adding to the eerie quality of the music.

CAN: LOST TAPES 3CD Ecopac Track List:

Disc 1 [Lost Tapes – Part 1]:
01. Millionenspiel [1969] (5:49)
02. Waiting For The Streetcar [1968] (10:08)
03. Evening All Day [1972] (6:58)
04. Deadly Doris [1968] (3:10)
05. Graublau [1969] (16:47)
06. When Darkness Comes [1969] (3:48)
07. Blind Mirror Surf [1968] (8:39)
08. Oscura Primavera [1968] (3:19)
09. Bubble Rap [1972] (9:24)
TPT – 68:04

Disc 2 [Lost Tapes – Part 2]:
01. Your Friendly Neighbourhood Whore [1969] (3:42)
02. True Story [1968] (4:31)
03. Agreement [1971] (0:36)
04. Midnight Sky [1968] (2:45)
05. Desert [1969] (3:19)
06. Spoon - Live [1972] (16:47)
07. Dead Pigeon Suite [1972] (11:47)
08. Abra Cada Braxas [1973] (10:12)
09. A Swan Is Born [1972] (3:00)
10. Loop [1974] (2:33)
TPT – 59:14

Disc 3 [Lost Tapes – Part 3]:
01. Godzilla Fragment [1975] (1:59)
02. On The Way To Mother Sky [1970] (4:35)
03. Midnight Men [1975] (7:35)
04. Networks Of Foam [1975] (12:36)
05. Messers, Scissors, Fork & Light [1972] (8:24)
06. Barnacles [1977] (7:46)
07. E.F.S. 108 [1976] (2:08)
08. Private Nocturnal [1975] (6:49)
09. Alice [1974] (1:56)
10. Mushroom - Live [1972] (8:18)
11. One More Saturday Night - Live [1973] (6:34)
TPT – 68:42