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Much anticipated, eagerly awaited comeback album of 2013 sees return of original frontman Ozzy Osbourne with the biggest metal band of all time!

You know how it is when bands decide it is time to revisit their glory days and reform… the results are often poor, however, from what we have heard, with their new album: ‘13’ - BLACK SABBATH (the band that defined heavy metal) picks up immediately where they left off with eight sprawling songs (five of them are over eight minutes long) that possess every ounce of the maniacal vitality of the Grammy-winning, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees’ trailblazing work in the 70’s!
The lessons Butler and Iommi learned working with the late Ronnie Dio have been taken onboard, and you have that epic sound (quite akin to ‘Heaven And Hell’ actually) but with Ozzy singing.
It's nothing really like: ‘Never Say Die’ (their last album together) but it is definitely SABBATH.
I must admit, despite my initial heavy scepticism (no Bill Ward!) the current single (‘God Is Dead?’) is actually a very good example of their new music, with a great Iommi riff and the growliest bass sound I've ever heard off of Butler. The only fly in the ointment strangely, is Ozzy, but that's just me!
Songs such as: ’End Of The Beginning’, ‘Loner’, ‘Dear Father’, and ‘Age Of Reason’ reinforce ‘13’s’ testament to the enduring relevance of BLACK SABBATH’s long-running reign.
Produced by all-round fruitcake producer Rick Rubin (seven-time Grammy winner, two of those as “Producer of the Year”), ‘13’ seems to be a (non-embarrassing) return to form.

‘13’ is also available as a Limited Deluxe 2CD – Stock # 1619865
‘13’ is also available as a Double 180gm Vinyl LP – Stock # 1619867
‘13’ is also available as a Boxed Set Package – Stock # 1613864

BLACK SABBATH: 13 CD Track List:

01. End Of The Beginning
02. God Is Dead?
03. Loner
04. Zeitgeist
05. Age Of Reason
06. Live Forever
07. Damaged Soul
08. Dear Father