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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £8.33 (exc) £9.99 (inc)


A fantastic blending of synthesizers, electronics, heavenly voices, percussion & more on a melodic, ethereal, haunting & dynamic ARTESIA style production!

Described as "A magical and absorbing hypnotic journey”, this wonderful DEAD BEAT PROJECT album features music composed, arranged, performed & produced by French multi-instrumentalist Olivier Goyet.
‘Samsara’ is the musical backdrop to the inspirational and artistic Gwam dance project that is touring Europe.
It is highly emotive and melodic music that features keyboards, acoustic instruments and percussion, laced with occasional ethereal female vocal textures.
As befitting the acclaimed Visual Arts presentation it accompanies - described as a “hypnotic & fantastic voyage” - ‘Samsara’ has such power, depth and beauty that it draws the listener in, casting a magic spell with its splendour.
This music is far, far more than just a ‘soundtrack’ – It stands in its own right as a powerful concept work!
Full of rich, melodic, dynamic layers that move between percussion and sequencers, ‘Samsara’ is underpinned at various turns by achingly haunting and beautiful themes, gentle atmospherics and a sense of perpetual, hypnotic motion that makes for one of the most captivating releases of 2013.

The album opens in a gothic, ethereal explosion of synthesizer orchestration swells, chiming bells and female choral voices, all set on a light snare-drum rhythm – a vast sounding work that will have the CDS Towers “Heavenly Voices” fans in raptures as it builds into this massive wall of sound that sets the scene for ten more hypnotic excursions into fantasy land.

Always melodic, the evocative music can form gentle, haunting, cascading soundscapes, but is equally often powerfully seductive and rhythmically flowing, with sequencers and percussion casting their hypnotic spell alongside the ethereal synthesizer sounds and acoustic instruments.

It is a fact that fans of another French act popular with CDS customers: ARTESIA will find a lot to enjoy in the music of DEAD BEAT PROJECT with it’s atmospheric, ethereal, almost dream-like pastoral passages where the female voice melds with synthesizers and percussive textures to fantastic effect.


01. Warrior Of Light (4:45)
02. Slough (3:51)
03. Original Secrecy (4:08)
04. At The 13th Moon (4:26)
05. In Memory (2:34)
06. Ritual (8:11)
07. Mirror Of The Wave (6:18)
08. Enter The Circle (6:49)
09. In The Silence Of The Earth (7:19)
10. Samsara (6:18)
11. Fire Drums (3:56)
12. Harmony Of Silence (6:52)
13. Celebration Of Behl (4:50)

TPT - 70:18