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Product Format: 2LP               

Price: £15.83 (exc) £18.99 (inc)


180gm HQ Vinyl edition of new LP on a new label – K-Scope, home of other art-rock bands like GAZPACHO, ANATHEMA & Steven Wilson (PORCUPINE TREE)!

Twenty-four months after the release of their critically acclaimed third album: ‘The Octopus’, AMPLIFIER is back with a brand new album ‘Echo Street’, a heavyweight atmospheric, at times anthemic release blessed with moments of light and shade, moving from dense guitar washes to gentle, almost fragile ethereal Nick Drake / Crosby Stills & Nash style ballads.

The band of Sel Balamir (guitars) and Matt Brobin (drums) re-emerge at the core of a very different animal – a four-piece line-up that has delivered a subtle shift in style allowing them to mix their epic space rock jams with accessible pieces boasting three-part vocal harmonies – sung by Sel, former OCEANSIZE man Steve Durose (second guitar) and Alex "Magnum" Redhead (bass).
‘Echo Street’ opens with four vast epics: ‘Matmos’, ‘The Wheel’, ‘Extra Vehicular’ and ‘Where The River Goes’, and then shifts into more subtle and reflective territory; the haunting: ‘Paris In The Spring’ and the classy, CSN-like ‘Between Today And Yesterday’, the FLOYDian infinity of the title track: ‘Echo Street’ before ending on the anthemic and uplifting breeze of: ‘Mary Rose’.

"We are extraordinarily pleased with ‘Echo Street’. We didn't think that we could better ‘The Octopus’, but I think that ‘Echo Street’ has a timeless quality about it. It's probably the AMPLIFIER album that most people will know with time. There's something really special about it…" - Sel Balamir.

Probably needs a few plays to fully appreciate the delicacies of the album as a while, but definitely worth the wait.

This edition comes in a Heavyweight Gate-Fold Sleeve.

‘Echo Street’ is also available as a Standard CD – Stock # 1594818
‘Echo Street’ is also available as a Single CD Media Book Edition – Stock # 1594812
‘Echo Street’ is also available as a Double CD Media Book Edition – Stock # 1602019


01. Matmos (8:12)
02. The Wheel (7:10)
03. Extra Vehicular (12:12)
04. Where The River Goes (6:33)
05. Paris In The Spring (8:34)
06. Between Today And Yesterday (4:55)
07. Echo Street (5:57)
08. Mary Rose (7:16)

TPT – 60:51