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Product Format: CD               

Price: £8.33 (exc) £9.99 (inc)


Whether you’re a PINK FLOYD, DELERIUM or a VANGELIS fan, CODE INDIGO’s brand of Electronic Contemporary Instrumental Rock has something for you!

Release Delayed Until 14th March 2014!

Featuring music arranged and produced by keyboards player David Wright CODE INDIGO is regarded as one of Europe’s premiere Electronic Rock music bands!
The unbelievably melodic synthesizers and grandiose keyboards, the high-flying electric guitars, the soothing female voices, the sublime melodies, the flowing rhythms and the atmospheric voice samples all come together provide a selection of cinematic, panoramic soundscapes of huge scope that provide hours of instrumental listening pleasure for rock and electronica fans alike!

With a string of critically acclaimed and award winning albums behind them ‘Take The Money And Run’ is the band’s farewell album, with co-founders David Wright and Robert Fox reunited for the project.
The album reflects the history of this enigmatic band with a clever choice of songs, old and new, that also features many of the band’s recent musicians; presented with a 16-page booklet containing various line-up pictures and notes on the project by David Wright.
The CD contains two expertly crafted remixes from the ‘TimeCode’ album: the pulsating: ‘Eden To Corruption’ and a stripped bare: ‘Call Of The Earth’. ‘Return To Gaia’ is a new version of a track previously only available on a Limited Edition European compilation. ‘Ashes And Snow’ is a brand new piece that had to be left off of the ’MELTdown’ album. ‘A Question Of Answers’ sees Wright and Fox joined in the studio by vocalist Carys to revisit and re-record a beautiful piece previously only available on the Derby Cathedral CD. This piece, both artists agree, best sums up CODE INDIGO. The final half-hour epic is a live track from 2007 featuring 6 interlinked pieces from: ‘For Whom the Bell’, ‘Uforia’, ‘TimeCode>Indigo’ and ‘Chill’.

‘Take The Money And Run’ “Showcases the band’s unique history and style”

‘Take The Money & Run’ is also available in a Ltd Special Purchase CD+PAL DVD Package – Stock # 1637284
‘Take The Money & Run’ is also available in a Ltd Special Purchase CD+NTSC DVD Package – Stock # 1680218

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01. Eden To Corruption (10:36)
02. Call Of The Earth [ambient mix] (6:00)
03. Return To Gaia (7:30)
04. Ashes And Snow (14:27)
05. A Question Of Answers (11:39)
06. Memory Code - 1 (6:12)
07. Memory Code - 2 (8:25)
08. Memory Code - 3 (2:03)
09. Memory Code - 4 (9:00)
10. Memory Code - 5 (2:52)
11. Memory Code - 6 (5:30)

TPT - 79:00