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label campaign offer lists

Major labels (and some of the Indies as well) regularly offer ranges of product to us at very special limited offer cost prices, and prior to the launch of this site we were only able to pass these savings on to our customers via lists sent solely by email.


As the cost savings are, in many cases, quite incredible, these lists are always well received by our customers, but the volume of titles listed and the time constraints placed on these offers do not allow us the time needed to update our system files and transfer the data to other promotional outlets we have in place such as printed catalogues and this new on-line store.


HOWEVER, creating the basic lists can be done very quickly, and by cutting a few corners and bending a few rules we have found a way to offer these Ltd Offer Lists on-mass in the on-line store by creating one database item for each identical format of any Label / Artist offer campaign.

The process works in the same way as if you were ordering just 1 item, plus the Shopping Cart and Payment processes work exactly the same as any normal order and are of course totally secure.


Once you have viewed one of our individual Label Campaign Offer Item Lists and made a selection from it, creating the order is done in 4 very simple steps.

This is how it works…


Step 1 : HIGHLIGHT and COPY the item(s) you wish to order from the list.

[Or H & C the entire contents of the list - Or just the approximate area your selection is in - You will be able to edit this text later in the Checkout area].

* You can miss this step out if you have noted your order items and prefer to type these manually at Step 3 *


Step 2 : KEY the number of units you wish to order from the list into the QTY box, then click the ‘Add To Cart’ button.  [This figure can be changed at any stage during the Checkout process]


Step 3 . TYPE or PASTE the text you have just copied directly into the ‘Comments / Special Instructions’Box on the  ‘Your Cart’ page and (if necessary), EDIT the text down to just your selected order items.

[Alternatively, you could PASTE your copied text into Notepad on your desktop and EDIT the text down to just your selected order items from there, then COPY & PASTE again into the ‘Comments / Special Instructions’ box].


Step 4 . Check your Order Item(s) count matches your QTY figure, then click the ‘Checkout’ button to complete the on-line order in the normal way – Job done!


[Don’t worry about making an error in the QTY / Order Item list count match – if there is a discrepancy in the order we will email you for clarification prior to shipping your order.


* Please Note…  If you wish to order more than one copy of any individual item in a list, account for the extra unit(s) in the QTY figure, and indicate the required quantity against that title in the ‘Comments / Special Instructions’ Box text *

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