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progressive / symphonic-rock

Progressive & Symphonic Rock Music - one of our major music departments. Here you'll find a fantastic range recordings selected from our main database which is loaded up with in excess of 8,000 titles available worldwide. There is simply a huge range of top quality titles to check out. From late 60's through to the start of this new millennium, there have been a lot of very good 'Progressive' / 'Symphonic' groups and individual artists arriving and departing from the scene. This genre of music has also seen some sensational new bands coming from all corners of the world: Flower Kings, Glass Hammer, Porcupine Tree, RPWL and Spock's Beard to name but five, that are now out-selling the older major players from the many phases of the 'Progressive Rock' movement's revival. Of the 'big-names' the obvious main players are around in some form or another and a few are still thriving.

Top acts like Genesis, ELP, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Strawbs and Yes still have a large and loyal fan-base, with the later arrivals from 'phase 2' of the 'Progressive' movement like Asia, IQ, Marillion, Pallas & Pendragon all arriving on the scene in the 80's and also still operating today. Then there's the type of Prog Rock artist who crosses over into other genres - Gandalf is a good example of this. Deemed by some to be Prog Rock yet viewed by others as a creator of highly stylised electronic/synthesizer music.There have also been successful comeback albums from less well-known bands out of the 70's, the most notable being the sensational 90's album from the 70's Vertigo label band: Gracious!

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