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Product Format: CDR               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £9.99 (exc) £11.99 (inc)

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Award winning Australian composer / synthesist’s 3rd international release featuring 7 Tracks over 64 Minutes of Melodic Space Ambient Electronic Music!

About this artist and his influences…
Jim Ottaway is already known at CDS Towers for his Melodic Instrumental Space Ambient series of CD-R releases: ‘Aurora’, ‘Orion’, ‘Centauri’ and ‘Liquid Moon’. Those, together with other themed releases: ‘Chill Factor’ and ‘Blitz’, plus his more recent factory pressed titles: ‘Power’ (originally a 2013 CD-R, but re-released in January 2015 on CD), 2015’s ‘Invisible Vortex’ and 2016’s ‘Southern Cross’, both of which are Digi-Pak productions, all stylishly presenting Jim's musical alter-ego as someone who injects 100% heart and soul into the music he makes and great attention to detail into how he presents it to his public.

While trying to create his own style of electronic music, Jim openly acknowledges the influence that artists such as: TANGERINE DREAM, Edgar Froese, ENIGMA, Vangelis, PINK FLOYD, Johannes Schmoelling, Christopher Franke, CODE INDIGO, Gary Wright, RADIO MASSACRE INTERNATIONAL and Aussie artists: Christopher Buckman, Tony O'Connor and Lisa Gerrard have had on his music over the years.

About this album…
Australian composer and synthesist, Jim Ottaway released ‘Centauri’, his 2nd international CD-R in 2008.
Jim refers to this album as Space Ambient music, and as you can tell by the track titles on ‘Centauri’ (e.g. ‘Phi Velorum ‘and ‘Gamma Corvi’), Jim has tapped into the cosmos for each track. The cosmos is not only reflected in the title and but also in the music itself, which takes you to another world... the world of deep outer space, planets and stars.

This review for ‘Centauri’ was written by Andy Garibaldi at CDS in July 2009…
In my late hours when I'm at the keyboard, not reviewing, but doing everything else that you do on a computer late at night that doesn't carry an x-certificate, this has become the album of choice - the "late night" album of blissful, cosmic instrumental synthesizer music that you can just put on the player and let it drift.
Now this may make you think it's bland or faceless or simply background music - far from it!! Any of those would annoy you, make you want to reach for the "stop" button and try something else. No - this has a depth to it, a structure, a direction, and, even for cosmic synth music, a real feel of warmth behind it, without it conforming to the sweet and sugary end of the genre epitomised by Jon Serrie and the likes, or the weird and wonderful end of the genre as practised by the DiN label roster. Inspired by the cosmos - no surprises there - it remains a multi-textured drift through space where everything moves all the time and nothing stays in one place for too long, and that's what makes it work! Throughout the album's 7 tracks, from six to twelve minutes long, you're taken on a voyage among the stars that's a positive pleasure, and while it's not something you'll go away remembering on a compositional level, you do go away and remember that the album was the perfect calming influence from the rigours of modern day living without ever being bland or boring or challenging - and you can't say fairer than that.
As a cosmic synth album goes, this has got what it takes.

Audio Samples from this and other Jim Ottaway albums can be found here by copying the following url into your browser: - Or you can access these files directly from a link placed on the bottom of the connected Jim Ottaway “Profile” page above.

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You can visit Jim's website at


01. Ursae Majoris (11:53)
02. Sirius (9:45)
03. Phi Velorum (7:20)
04. Zeta Aurigae (10:23)
05. Coma Berenices (7:10)
06. Proxima Centauri (11:13)
07. Gamma Corvi (6:08)

TPT - 63:56