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Classy multi-talented melodic Progressive Fusion composer/guitarist who first became known for contributions to albums by Canadian Prog band MYSTERY!

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The 3rd album by bass player Antoine Fafard features drumming legend: Vinnie Colaiuta (Jeff Beck, Chick Corea, Sting & Frank Zappa) and extraordinary guitarist: Jerry De Villiers Jr.

From ‘Ad Perpetuum’s inception, it had been defined that Vinnie Colaiuta and Jerry De Villiers Jr were to be involved in the whole project. In fact, a two-day session booked with Vinnie for January 2014 was the driving factor in writing all the material four months prior to that deadline. It was the first time that Antoine had a specific deadline that had been established for a personal project. Colaiuta's drum tracks on this album were produced by the great Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets, Allan Holdsworth) and recorded at Los Angeles' Stagg Street Studio.
"Antoine's music is really cool... it's very challenging... he's a wonderful musician." - Jimmy Haslip

Additional guests on the album include keyboardist: Gerry Etkins (Billy Cobham) on three tracks and saxophonist: Jean-Pierre Zanella on two tracks. Another noticeable appearance is the contribution of Gary Husband who is featured on 'D-Day', a piece that features an intense drum duet.
‘Ad Perpetuum’ includes a total of 10 tracks and close to fifty-minutes of music that covers a vast spectrum of grooves and atmospheres. A conscious effort was made so that a multitude of tempos, time signatures, original structures, harmonic variations and the virtuosity of the players were showcased.
De Villiers Jr’s incredible guitar playing and tone enhances the music while Colaiuta’s playing is simply flawless.

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01. Shuffle It! (5:28)
02. Riff & Raft (4:50)
03. PolySeven (5:32)
04. Same But Different (4:29)
05. Five Course Meal (5:10)
06. D-Day (5:21)
07. Eternal Loop (5:23)
08. Slash One (4:52)
09. The Egg (5:52)
10. PreSillence (2:53)

TPT – 49:52