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Price: £10.83 (exc) £12.99 (inc)

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Latest instrumental album from the former MYSTERY guitarist with Gary Husband & Todd Sucherman, whose credentials simply speak for themselves!

* For a full historical description of ANTOINE FAFARD and his music, please click on the “profile” link above *

If you want great quality instrumental Prog fusion, then look no further than the albums made by Antoine Fafard, the Canadian-born and now UK-based guitarist / composer who is probably best known to CDS Customers for his contributions to albums by the Canadian YES-influenced Progressive rock band MYSTERY.

Antoine Fafard (bass / all guitars) is a prolific composer and player of his own brand of instrumental solo material that spans the Progressive Fusion and Jazz-Rock spectrum. For ‘Borromean Odyssey’ Antoine is joined by two eminent super-players: Todd Sucherman (drums / percussion) and Gary Husband (lead synthesizer / keyboards), and altogether the form this mighty trio of world-class musicians, and I can tell you here and now that you are in for a real treat if this genre of music is your thing.

For this, Antoine’s 6th solo album, the self-released / produced: ‘Borromean Odyssey’ (2019), he once again works alongside the brilliant instrumentalist: Gary Husband on keyboards - Husband is world-renowned in fusion circles as a member of John McLaughlin's 4th Dimension. Over the years he has also been part of bands fronted by Jack Bruce, Allan Holdsworth, Gary Moore and Billy Cobham. He has also worked with Jeff Beck, Robin Trower, Andy Summers and Tony Levin, as well as with the bands: Level 42 and UK … and these are all just a few of the many other notable names in his musical CV.
The fact that Husband has chosen to work alongside Antoine Fafard not only adds kudos by the bucket-load to the release, but in doing so he also endorses the talent and skill of this highly talented player / composer and offers a strong hint as to the exacting standards of pure musicianship we can expect from Antoine Fafard’s album catalogue.

The theme behind the music on: ‘Borromean Odyssey’ is one of an apocalyptic horror story where total oblivion had arrived - The nuclear button had been pushed and the planet has lost 99.9% of its population… and it had only taken a few fools with uncontrolled access to make it happen.
A nice cheerful wee story for you all, and it is all laid out in the album’s accompanying 20-Page Booklet that contains the complete storyline.
The futuristic looking artwork for the Digi-Pak is both disturbing and eye-catching at the same time!
The audio on this CD is stunning, exploiting every nuance of the skill and craftsmanship of the trio’s playing abilities with the utmost ease, almost as if the band were performing in your music room.

If you have never dipped your toes into Progressive Fusion, ‘Borromean Odyssey’ is a great place to start!

‘Borromean Odyssey’ was released on 30th August 2019.

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01. Invisible Pastel (4:51)
02. Progration (4:59)
03. Borromean Odyssey - I (0:47)
04. The Seventh Extinction (5:28)
05. Borromean Odyssey - II (1:48)
06. Chemical Reactor (4:50)
07. Borromean Odyssey - III (1:22)
08. Terra ius (5:08)
09. Borromean Odyssey - IV (1:17)
10. Time Lapse (5:04)
11. Borromean Odyssey - V (1:24)
12. Inspired Mechanics (5:25)
13. Trident (4:55)

TPT – 47:19