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synthesizer / new age

Here you will find a fantastic range of mainly instrumental recordings selected from our main database of over 10,700 titles available worldwide.

At the moment only a selected range is available to order in the online shop, but this department will be expanding rapidly over the coming months, so you can expect much more in the near future. For now we offer a selection of material drawn from right across the traditional 'Electronic Music' spectrum - it's all here: 'Melodic Neo-Classical' to 'Rhythmic Electronic', 'New Age' and the 'Space Music' and beyond. This covers everything from the 'Berlin School' styles of Tangerine Dream & Klaus Schulze through to the rhythmic worlds of Jean Michel Jarre, the modern 'Ambient' planes of Ian Boddy and melody merchants Andy Pickford, Vangelis, Kitaro & John Dyson, then heading on down through the 'healing' sounds of 'New Age' labels like Dawn Awakening and New World - plus all points in between such as Radio Massacre International, Steve Roach, Gandalf and Mark Shreeve.

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